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Are Guardian Angels Real?

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It was my Geography exam the next day and I was nervous to the core.  After studying hard for the entire day, I decided to have a nap, get up refreshed and study again. But nausea engulfed me. It added to my anxiety. How would I study?  What if nausea didn’t subside? What if I vomit in the exam? God, what shall I do? Being in hostel, I was missing my mom. Suddenly I felt someone caressing my head. I thought, my roomy has understood my situation and is trying to comfort me. Happily obliged, I turned to her. It was shocking! She was sleeping! Who was the ‘third’ person in my room then? I couldn’t dare to turn and see. I collected every bit of my courage and uttered, “Satan, go away.” (as our Chaplain told us to do when scared). But, it would have gone, only if it were Satan.  The caressing continued and I started feeling better.  I didn’t take a nap but felt refreshed, studied and my exam really went well. Who caressed my head that night? My Guardian Angel? Well, possibly yes.

Such anecdotes populate several websites and books. Do guardian angels really exist? Do they help people in need? Has God appointed a guardian angel for every human being? If yes, how can we find out?  This world is treacherous and dangerous where angels are paranormal protectors. Science never said ‘yes’ to the concept of Guardian Angels’ existence. They hail from Biblical stories, anecdotes, and spiritual faith. But people have confirmed the reality of Guardian Angels and there have been scores of ways when they have been instrumental for a good cause. Here, I’ve tried to throw some light on the existence of these caring and protective supernatural beings, deputed by an Almighty Power.

Who are Guardian Angels?

According to the Catholic belief, every soul, be it a Christian or not, has been assigned with an angel to be guided all through their lives.

Guardian Angels are believed to be humanoid creatures depicted as potent custodian and messengers of the Supreme Being. They are designated to take care of people on Earth. Their task is to assist people to make their lives smooth. There are several instances that are associated with miracle but each of them has a touch of intense sacred and mystical light.

Guardian Angels have important role in the Bible.  God always sent one of them to communicate His message to people or save them. For instance; Mary learnt about her divine pregnancy and the Son of God, Joseph was instructed to accept Mary and name the baby boy – Jesus and many more instances are there where people received God’s message through angels. In Exodus 23:20 God says to Israelites, “See, I am sending an angel before you, to guard you on the way and bring you to the place I have prepared.” So, we can say that Guardian Angels are employees of God who fulfill His orders.

Existence of Guardian Angels

Have you ever felt a flash of light amidst the darkest moments of life? Have you ever noticed a grueling situation easing down suddenly?  Have you ever lost hope and felt that bolt of trust in you? Did an inexplicable presence close to you made you think about it? These can be your Angel Guardians at work. Are you wondering, “Does everyone have their own angel?” Yes, every human being has a guardian angel.

In the Bible, in the book of Psalms, God has given us the assurance that He shall give charge over us to His angels, so that they will watch over us and keep us from all harm.

Angel Guardians are never known to have made a physical appearance. They don’t seek attention but delight in helping people, as per their Master’s instructions. They make us realize their presence in various other ways. Like air, which we can feel but can’t see or touch. Similarly, we can have that blissfully thrilled feeling of having around something numinous but neither we can see or touch nor can confirm its presence.

Still, some may say that Guardian Angels are imaginary angelic beings, invented to provide emotional support to people to cope with and handle life’s difficulties. A definite approval or disapproval can’t be given to this matter. Their reality can only be determined to you by your experience or faith.

Now try to recollect the moment of your life when you find someone to be a godly help. If the person helped you the way and at a time, you never expected; didn’t you utter words like, “You are an angel to me!” What does it mean? Doesn’t it prove that somewhere, deep within, we agree to angels’ existence.

What do Guardian Angels Do?

People of almost all religious beliefs agree to the rescuing role of Angel Guardians. But an irksome query keeps us thinking – “Where do angels go when people are killed, rapes and molestations occur, evil people continue with their nefarious deeds, and innocent people keep suffering?”

Angels continue to be with their protégés. Always. They minister people in painful times and even death. But we don’t realize their presence in  awful situations as during such situations, our pain and suffering are so dominant that we don’t feel their work and presence.

So, the question arises, “What good is to have a Guardian Angel if you can’t escape excruciating circumstances?” In the background, this question has a complicated dilemma –  a loving and caring God allowing pain and misery to the creation of His hands! For assistance, let’s turn to the book of Job in the Bible. It brings us two vital approaches –

When we are assaulted by adversities and sufferings in physical domain, something more crucial and better is being worked upon for us in the spiritual domain.

Job was never answered for the reasons of his troubles. God just told about His sovereignty. He declares in the book of Isaiah, “Indeed, my plans are not like your plans, and my deeds are not like your deeds.” (Isaiah 55:8).

To know that God permits every difficulty and pain for a cause, is comforting and we should remember this when we think that angles have deserted us. But, they never leave us because God never does.

A genuine angelic encounter will not make you glorify the angel but God. Angles don’t crave for glory. They simply execute the task assigned and disappear.

People need proofs and so far there is no scientific proof of angels’ existence. Angels never force us to believe them. They just keep helping human beings whether they believe them or not. These message-carriers and obedient otherworldly subordinates of God don’t appear to us when we want but when we really need them. Just make your minds clear and use your sixth sense, you may understand their messages and realize their presence. That’s why it is believed that kindness never goes in vain. As final words, I would like to make reference from the Bible. In Hebrews 13:2 it tells you about attending strangers because there are many who have entertained angels unknowingly by  helping them.

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