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The Unknown: Inspired by Real Life Incidents

The Unknown: Inspired by Real Life Incidents
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“Becky!” “Becky!” I woke up to the worried voice of my mom calling me. I was pale with fear, soaked in sweat, panting.

“What happened sweetie?” my mom asked.

I gave her a blank look, unable to put my emotions to words.

“You dreamt of her again?” She asked.

I nodded in distress. My mom started caressing my head.

I looked out of the window. The morning sun was smiling, birds were chirping, trees swaying to the soft breeze, and flowers freshly blooming. The lawn grass bathed in dew, some drops still sparkling on the leaves. Everything out there was so beautiful, so musical. But inside me. It was dark, gloomy, scary, and hauntingly quiet.

“Why? Why I am still dreaming of her?” “Does she still visit me?” “But why?” A storm of thoughts overpowered me. Flashbacks began and I was transported to a young version of myself, almost a 15-16 years old girl.

The Flashback

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Wisconsin in 1998. A happy-go-lucky girl, the light of the house, everyone’s apple of the eye. Laughing, playing, and cracking jokes and cute pranks. A well-behaved, polite student, and always scoring exceptionally good grades; I was everyone’s favorite at school too.

My dad was promoted in office and provided with a much bigger home than ours. Excited to the core, we shifted to that house. I liked a room that had a huge window facing the jungle. It showed many nests of various types, birds hopping around and singing, and a small lake that was quite far.

Things were going well but little did I know what was waiting for me.

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The Introduction

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Winters arrived. Wrapped in a blanket, I was studying with a night lamp. It was almost 1 AM, I was snoozing, when suddenly I saw something!

It was a human figure, inside the room, standing still, close to the window! I was startled! And screamed. My parents came rushing. I was still staring at the window.

“What happened Becky?” they asked. I pointed to the window and murmured, “The…there’s someone.”

They switched on the lights. There was no one in the room! “How is that possible? I saw someone.” I thought. But clearly there was no one. “Might be I was imagining as I was sleepy.” I thought again.

“Are you fine my dear?” My dad asked. “Yes dad”, I replied and slept.

A few days went by and things went back to normal. Then another night…

The First Meeting

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I was occupied with my notes. It was quiet everywhere, except musical rustling of leaves. It was interrupted by sudden arrhythmic notes, growing louder. I lifted up my head and tried to believe my eyes. Someone was limping near the window, moving towards me! She was in tattered clothes, salt and pepper hair, blood-shot angry eyes, and face like a parched, cracking land. Her mouth was wide open, her lips as blue as poison.

In a flash of lightning, I rushed to my parents’ room and started banging their door. Hurriedly, they opened the door. I was pale with fear, gasping, unable to speak. My parents understood that I am scared again. That night, I slept with them.

Next morning, I went to school and didn’t get time to think about last night. Somehow, I convinced myself that my mind is playing tricks. Comforting myself with these words, I was trying to overcome the incident. Often, during the day, I tried to peep into that jungle to find out if I could discover something but the only thing I ever found there was solitude.

Days and nights passed smoothly.

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The Awful Encounter

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We were back from a party and I was in high spirits. I went to my room as usual and hopped on my bed. Around midnight, I felt cold. On waking up, I realized that my blanket has left me. In pursuit to cover myself, I felt as if the blanket was stuck somewhere. I pulled it harder. The blanket came up but not alone. Four fingers came along! Swollen, bloody, with cracked nails!

Before I could realize, I was shrieking and crying. My parents were banging my door. God knows, who latched it from inside as I never do. I saw a figure rising from the floor. It was the same woman, who haunts me. Kneeling down at the other end of my bed, she was staring at me. My shrieks were growing louder. My parents opened the door with another key and entered. She turned to them and screamed to the top of her lungs. By the time, we could understand anything, she limped to the window and vanished!

I jumped out of bed, ran towards my parents and hugged them.

The next morning, we left the home and shifted somewhere else.

We were at peace now. Things were back to normal again.

“She” is Back

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One evening, we were enjoying family time in the lawn. I was going to and fro on the swing. Suddenly, it started moving fast and high. I was happy but someone pushed me. I fell and got injured in the leg. It became difficult for me to walk on my own. That night, my mom took me to bathroom. While coming out, I noticed “her” in the mirror! Alarmed, I said, “Mom, she is here!” “Where?” she asked. I pointed to the mirror. She took me there but we were the only ones in the mirror. Unbelievable!

I slipped in my bed and was trying to sleep, when someone whispered in my ear, “Becky”. I turned to see but no one was there. I tried to sleep again. Half-asleep, I heard someone commanding me to get up, in cold and echoing voice. Rubbing my eyes, I woke up. I couldn’t decide whether being asleep was better or waking up. “She” was standing next to my bed with an evil grin. I was nearly dead and dumb with fear! I have lost control on myself and she was dragging me off the bed with her ice-cold, rough hands. Before my head could hit the floor, the door flung open, my parents came rushing, and held me mid-air. Their faces were white with fear. I was paralyzed with awful terror and started crying hysterically. That was the longest and deadliest night of my life!

The Secret Angel

The secret angel
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I survived because that night someone came to my parents, a transparent white figure. And told them to save me. Immediately, they rushed to my room. Had they not come to me, I can’t even imagine what could have happened. Our house was blessed. But at times, I dream of her. The frequency has lessened. Hopefully, someday I would stop dreaming of her.

However, the limping woman is still shrouded in mystery and clear in my most frightening memories. We still don’t know from where did she come, why was she after me, and who told my parents just in time to save me.

Experiencing those ‘unearthly things’ around you is something that can only be felt. You are left mystified, frightened, baffled, panicking…and more than that.

Have you ever experienced such a thing?


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