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Top IDO Launchpads for Crypto, Gaming, & NFTs

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Mizar makes trading simpler and accessible to everyone, subscription-free. All Mizar founders have been trading in several markets in a personal capacity or for large institutions and we know how advanced trading tools can reduce risk and increase profitability. Mizar’s mission is to deliver advanced yet simple to use trading tools and make them accessible to everyone. However, this lack of diversification could make BoostX over-dependent on its launchpad offering, which could become risky during volatile times such as the current ones.

  • We provide white-label launchpad solutions for aspects like NFT and cryptos that will propel your project visibility to the highest levels in the market attracting investors and new customers.
  • However, after much work, the UniLayer V2 launch aims to make the development of the launchpad a priority.
  • Soon to be launched, theYFDAI Launchpadis currently taking applications for new projects that wish to launch through YFDAI’s token launchpad.
  • Inside a pool, users are required to hold more than 0.1 BNB or any other token that’s accepted.
  • Also, the UniLayer trading platform integrates price charts by TradingView to create the ultimate professional-level decentralized trading experience.

The service will help to fund projects on Binance Launchpad and increase the price of Binance tokens over time. Our best crypto launchpad now includes an automatic liquidity feature, which allows users to invest in a pool of funds and participate in yields. Our launchpad provides business development and acts as a platform for raising funds for your business using your project ideas & crypto tokens.

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This…FEATURED 4 days ago Is bitcoin a threat to Central Banks in Africa? If central banks represent centralized systems that manage the financial status of nations and bitcoin is a decentralized system that… Some of the best IDOs it has hosted include Revomon, Medabots, GameZone, and AstroSwap… achieving over 100x price growth of some of the IDOs.

All these features combine to make the Polkastarter launchpad stand out as a unique project. It is difficult to identify projects when they are still at the early stage and missing out on some of these projects could mean missing out on huge potential returns. Utilize the amazing prowess of crypto launchpads to steadily stream into the decentralized market. In addition, this greatly helps invested companies from a financial perspective when accounting for the investment received. We have a thoroughly developed IEO launching process that ensures the success of the token sale and stable growth afterward. Compared to IEO, IDO launchpad crypto has a crucial difference—decentralized platforms provide it.

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For traders who want to be able to view TradingView charts, set limit orders and have more control over their trading. Compliant purchasing platform for token offerings for security tokens, payment tokens or utility tokens. Accelerate go-to-market, prospectus and legal documents with LCX’s legal tool kit. Management of Security Tokens on the Blockchain including smart wallet whitelisting and real-time cap-table aka token holder register. Combining LCX’s proprietary technology platform with a legal tool kit via our external partners to speed up STO process and reduce costs.

  • The Game Launchpad accelerates the introduction of new NFT Games into the market, through a Kickstarter-style approach, where games get funded before they launch.
  • You’ll understand why individuals look for the greatest crypto launchpads if you’ve ever invested in a launchpad startup and lost or made money.
  • You can then kick-off your project and list it on crypto launchpad to promote your project and start accepting investments.
  • Binance Launchpad and Launchpool deliver growth, but with key differences.

If a startup or small firm wants to raise funds using the ICO model, interested investors can purchase a tiny portion of the offering in exchange for a new crypto token issued by the company. The company’s crypto token can be purchased with either digital or fiat currency. In general, a crypto launchpad is a virtual small council where many crypto initiatives in their early stages can be staged. As a result, crypto project owners approach launchpad platforms to list their initiatives, familiarize potential investors with them, and finally raise funding.

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The P2B cross-functional team saves your budget—instead of making big separate budgets for marketing, fundraising, listing, and trading strategy support, you get all-in-one for less money. Use trading strategy support services to uplift your crypto business to a new level. Choose basic market-making options or advanced trading strategy support with promotion on P2B and other exchanges.

What is launchpad and how does it work?

A crypto launchpad is a decentralized exchange-based (DEX) platform for launching new coins, tokens, and blockchain or crypto projects. It differs from other fundraising platforms in that it provides investors with the opportunity to invest in early crypto projects before they are listed publicly.

The Crypto Launchpad is a one-stop solution for all new crypto projects. It assists its clients from developing a token to its listing and marketing. CL is a leading agency for helping its clients listing their coins/tokens in the world’s top exchanges at a rate lower than official. Our dedicated blockchain experts thoroughly analyze, brainstorm, ideate, and execute groundbreaking concepts for your crypto-related businesses. This decentralized auction site is perfect for those who want to create, design, collect, or trade tokens, assets, or NFTs.


Users will have a wide array of in-house and partnered games, played by thousands of people globally. Those low-skill-floor high-skill-ceiling games will provide value corresponsive to the player’s skill level. With a truly free-to-play economy, the monetization aspect will come directly from the players interacting actively with each other, playing games, earning prizes and exchanging assets. On top of that, Binance currently one of the most complete, if not the most complete ecosystem within the crypto world today.

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In another case, your tokens will automatically be dropped into your wallet. Moralis Academy is a world-leading Blockchain, Crypto, and Web 3.0 e-Learning provider from the team behind Moralis (the ultimate Web 3.0 development platform). YF-DAI currently has a market cap of around $16.8 million, trading at $4,188 at the time of writing. The max supply of YF-DAI is set at 21,000, however, through the project’s burning protocol, this will drastically reduce. At the time of writing, the LAYER token has a circulating supply of nearly 20 million out of 40 million LAYER.

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IDO Token Launchpad Development provides investors with immediate liquidity, high flexibility, and 24/7 access to more funds. Some intensive projects remain unrecognized in the market and fail to raise funds for their future development without a proper platform and fundraising model. We here, with our pioneering services in blockchain business development, offer a powerful launchpad that facilitates listing your blockchain project for better market visibility. Polkastarter is a relatively new decentralized exchange that is built on the Polkadot blockchain protocol for token pools and auctions. The Polkastarter launchpad is a decentralized crowd-funding launchpad to help early-stage crypto projects to raise funds, build a strong community of users, and increase their outreach.

Because the crypto business is rapidly growing and many projects rely on the decentralized world to acquire funds, 2021 has provided us with many new coin launchpads. Parallel to the crypto ecosystem’s expansion is the evolution of the crypto fundraising method, the main topic of today’s discussion — crypto launchpad and Initial Decentralized Offering . We actually did not have such third-party services from the primitive day of crypto. Throwback to 2017, early crypto investors were familiar with ICO — Initial Coin Offering, when all the fundraising was project-operated on their website. The exchange platform then led the market from 2019 with IEO — Initial Exchange Offering, before the launchpad system and IDO dominated the crypto fundraising industry by late 2020.

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Users can safely store their crypto assets on the launchpad while also earning new ones by staking their existing ones. Binance will support the project by providing liquidity and marketing assistance. The Binance team will also buy back BNB, BUSD, and BKRW from the market to increase the price of these tokens. Our Whitelabel Cross-Chain Launchpad includes security methods like DDOS and HTTP authentication. Our launchpad serves as a platform for raising funding for your business ventures. We ensure that your firm is proposed in the best possible way to potential investors.

Yet, the general rule of thumb is the more you stake, the more IDO allocation you can access. Initial Coin Offerings are an ingenious approach for raising funds through the use of cryptocurrencies. Such a strategy is more prevalent in cryptocurrency projects that are yet to fully develop their blockchain-based product, service, or platform. The funds collected on ICO events are normally received as Bitcoin or Ether , but in some cases, fiat currency may also be taken as payment. In this article, you’ll learn about what’s a crypto launchpad, how a crypto launchpad works, and the best crypto launchpads in the market right now.

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