How to write a blog post
How to write a blog post

How to Write a Blog

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How to write a blog appears to be a Herculean task but with practice, it is not. With time, tips, and guidelines you can create a great blog post. A great blog post has different criteria for everyone. There are several posts that many like but some not. But some elements and features are instrumental for a blog that apply to every reader. As each blogger has a style of his/her own, blogging guidelines might vary but with some basic approaches of creating a blog, you can prepare a good read. So, here are a few tips about how to become a blogger that I have gained through the years.

Understand your audience

Before you begin with writing, understand who will be your audience, what they want to know, and how will your blog post beneficiate them. Consider their requirements and interests while you are engaged in blog writing.
Nail the beginning

Compelling headings and introduction draw readers are major mantras of how to create a blog. Once drawn to the heading, they will definitely open the post. When the opening para has hooked them, your words of wisdom are tastefully gulped.
Write an Outline

Create an outline of your blog before writing the final version. Make sure that the outline covers details of content, addressing challenges of your readers. Outlines help you not skip any important point.  
Organize Your Content

Don’t overwhelm your readers with information when you make a blog. Organize the same in such a way that doesn’t intimidate them. You can resort to multiple forms of organizing your post such as tips, sections, or paragraphs but keep it organized.  
Edit/Proofread, and Fix Formatting

Once you have completed writing a post, edit/proofread it. Ask your grammar Nazi friend to scan it with eagle eyes and cross check factual information again. With these few steps, your blog will be error free.
Visual Appearance

An ugly blog post is a reader’s turn off. To make it appealing is a vital feature when it comes to how to blog. For the purpose, add great images – all equal in dimension, format and organize the post. In a well-formatted and appealing blog, everything is well-presented that captures readers’ attention.
Optimize your content for search

Knowing how to write a blog post is not enough, until and unless you lace it with the best SEO (search engine optimization) practices. Add to it a decent and wise ratio of keywords in the opening and closing sentences as well as in the blog body. Consider these factors when you makeyour own blog for maximum reach.
Be Useful and Informative

Make sure that your posts deliver valuable information and useful content for your readers. They should feel educated after reading your piece of writing.
Punchy Conclusion

Once you are done with writing of your blog, and are proceeding towards its completion, it is time to conclude it. The best way to do so is to summarize every point of your post. Make it catchy with a call-to-action or a thought-provoking question. Use your CTAs to offer more content related to the subject of the post they have just completed reading. It might also be to register for a webinar or event, download an ebook, or subscribe to your blog. You will find some of these CTAs in my blog soon J

In a nutshell, these blog writing tips are not set in stone. You are free to use these as per the requirement of your piece of writing. However, creating posts that are useful, informative, and engaging is important to provide a good read to your audience. Now, you know how to write a blog. So try your hands on it and let the world admire the blogger in you. Do let me know in the comments section J

P.S. – This was on special request of Rani Ojha. How did you find it Rani? Hope it helps J


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