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10 Tips to Overcome Heartbreak

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If you are going through an emotionally painful phase of being heartbroken, here are 10 tips to overcome heartbreak.

When a relationship ends, we are devastated. A heartbreak hurts our core and overwhelms us with intense emotions of despair, loss, and hopelessness. We turn frantic to get over a broken heart. The feeling of being abandoned by someone we loved and trusted with all our heart leaves us in a painfully sorry state.

But remember, this is just a phase of life that you will overcome and someone will definitely come along, never to leave you. For now, all you have to do is to overcome this difficult time. Here are some proven tips to overcome heartbreak.

10 Tips to Overcome a Heartbreak

With these smart tips to heal your injured heart and emotions, you will emerge as a stronger and better person. So, take time to overcome the emotional crisis you are going through and prepare yourself to be loved, just the way you love and want to.

8 tips to overcome a heartbreak

1. Be Gentle On Yourself

You are already going through a harsh phase, so be kind to yourself and allow your heart wounds to heal. Accept the situation. Feel your feelings. Don’t run away from them. And take good care of yourself.
When your relationship ends without you wanting it to, you have a flood of emotions. Rebecca Hendrix, LMFT, a psychotherapist in New York City says, “It’s a trauma. It’s a shock to your system.” And as with any type of emotional shock, “you want to be really gentle with yourself and you want to allow yourself to feel your feelings”.

2. There is Other Fish in the Sea

Don’t let your heartache by thinking about your ex. Let your mind stray and focus on appealing to members of the opposite gender. This will help divert your mind and realizing that there is other fish in the sea. You can find love again whether you have been through a breakup or a divorce. Use smart tips to find love again after a divorce or a relationship wreck.

3. Stay Strong

The heartbreak incision causes you to feel that you cannot survive without your ex, around whom your life revolved. But the good news is that this is just an illusion. Surviving a breakup is not that difficult. All you need to do is to be firm and stand your ground as the first step of the remedy for a broken heart. You were happy before meeting your ex and you will be happier after.

4. Love and Respect Yourself

As you already know, respect and love yourself first and the most. Falling in love with yourself is the first step to healing the wounds of your heart. Book an appointment at a salon or a spa. Pamper yourself with beauty and wellness treatments. Get a new haircut. Buy a new dress/gadget/accessory/jewelry. Treat yourself to your favorite food at a fancy restaurant. Do something special for yourself.

5. Analyze the Negatives

During the relationship with your ex, think of the times when you were hurt. Whenever your ex made fun or didn’t care for your feelings, trampled your efforts beneath the feet, or treated you like a doormat. Doesn’t that person have a heart? Doesn’t your existence count for him/her.

       If the other person broke up, think that he/she might be preparing for it for long, when you were head over heels for your ex. How inhuman! This negativity analysis will lead you towards a healing heart and eventually to a positive You! Trust me.

6. You are Not Alone

Every day several people are dumped and left shattered. You are not alone, grieving for the lost love, and want to know how to heal the broken heart. Seek help and discuss with your close pals. If you can’t talk to anyone, the internet is at your disposal. Read stories of heartbreak, the way people overcame it, and how to make the other person desire you. This will be therapeutic to your aching heart and you will feel strengthened.

7. Take it One Day At A Time

A broken heart makes you feel defeated and despised. You also feel as if this is the end of the world. It happens with everyone, so don’t expect yourself to skip sadness and gloom. Cry and allow the pain to flow at its pace. Eventually, days will tiptoe, helping you overcome your ex and be happy again.

8. Reach Out

Don’t hold your feelings. Pour your heart out to someone you can count on. Although, they could not help the pain vanish in a blink of an eye, yet they will be a godsend in times of heartache. Their love, care, and support will help you live life again, as you should – happily.

9. Cut the Connection

Cutting all the sources of communication with someone you have dedicatedly loved is very difficult. But you must do it for yourself. It is an important step when you are trying to figure out how to overcome heartbreak and depression.

Delete his/her phone number. Unfollow/remove/block him/her from social media channels. Don’t fall into the false hope of “staying friends”. If you cling to the past, you can’t accept the present, and won’t proceed to the future. Bandage and protect fresh wounds. So, don’t hurt yourself by harming your emotional wounds. Give them time to heal.

10. Forgive

You have accepted the breakup. Great! But this is not enough. You must learn to let go. Forgive the person who caused you the pain. It is a sure-shot way to know how to overcome heartbreak. Holding on to it harms only you. Forgiving helps you relieve the burden, the anger, and the grudge. It allows you to understand your strength.

Everyone wants to love and be loved but this path is laden with risks, where heartbreaks are common and we are left wondering “how to heal my broken heart?” When we are in love, we become vulnerable and thus get easily hurt. But love should be a way of life, not something that causes death deep inside.
So, use these 10 tips to overcome heartbreak. Accept that it is normal to feel the deep emotional crisis of rejection but it is temporary. Just like other bad phases of your life, this will also end and you will be the jovial and optimist YOU, once again!


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