10 Mother’s Day Gift and Celebration Ideas
Happy mothers day

12 Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home

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Mother – the most beautiful word and blessing on the earth! We cherish her and want to give her nothing more than the best. With Mother’s Day around the corner, an occasion and another opportunity to celebrate her is here again. Well, for the lovely lady of our lives; here are 12 ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day at home.
With these ideas, she will feel good, or even better – pampered on this day. Even though you are miles apart from her, you can let her know her value in your life. And if you are with her, what’s better! So, grab the ideas elucidated here and set on for the day on the horizon.

12 Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home

Mother’s Day is a significant day of the year. Kids have opportunities to show their love, appreciation, and gratitude for their mothers. The day calls for a celebration, just the way you and your mom like. After all, your mother is the reason for your existence. She deserves your love, respect, and attention.

So, here are several simple yet loving ways to celebrate Mother’s Day at home –

1. Make Breakfast for Her

Mother’s Day gifts Ideas
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Mothers feed us with delectable culinary treats all the time. Take this opportunity to begin her day with breakfast. Give a delicious beginning to her day by serving her breakfast in bed. You know her favorite delights. Whip them up and serve her in bed. You can go for simple ones like scrambled eggs, garlic bread, and pancakes. A tall glass of fresh juice with waffles will also make her day.

This is one of the 12 ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day at home that will make her super happy. After all, it’s her happiness that you want. Add to her delight with a loving note to the breakfast tray. Express your love in words through a short self-composed poem or simply a sweet letter. These simple gestures will make her happier than receiving an expensive gift.

2. Let HER Programs Run for the Day

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We usually don’t have an inclination toward the choice of television programs that our moms enjoy. But for this day, let her take control of the TV remote. She will try to convince you again that she will watch whatever you want, just for the sake of watching together. For this time, join her to watch her preferred shows. Let’s refrain from switching channels for the day and watch her changing expressions with her favorite characters on the television.

Get her channels’ subscriptions. To the movie buff in your mom, what is better than subscriptions to trending channels like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Zee5, etc. She will be happy to the core. Every time, she will complete a season or a movie, she will discuss the details with you. It is super cute when she seeks an explanation of online content from you. My mom does exactly this and I know how it feels.

3. Facial or Spa at Home

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How about treating your mom with some rest and relaxation? It is good for her physical and emotional health, both. Pamper her with a rejuvenating facial or reviving spa at home. You can also give her a relaxing massage, manicure, or pedicure. When you will pamper your mom on Mother’s Day, she will glow with your love and care.

You might have a facial kit or spa pack at home for the purpose. If not, collect items from the kitchen or your garden, and create a spa-like environment in the room. Additionally, you can give her a head massage. Treat her with a refreshing green or herbal tea, or some lightly tossed salad. This would give her some much-needed me-time. Whatever you choose to refresh her, she will love it for sure.

4. Clean the House

Clean the house
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Another great idea among the 12 ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day at home is to clean the house. You might not realize but keeping the house spic and span is not a piece of cake. Take charge in your hands and make every nook and corner of the house sparkling, without mom’s help.

Let her sip on a drink or munch on her favorite snacks as she gets her feet relaxed with the foot massager. And you be her genie for the day to clean the house, just the way she likes. Isn’t it a thoughtful mother’s day activity that is no less than a gift? In the remaining time, you can indulge in fun activities with her to enjoy the day together.

5. Pour Your Heart

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If you are good with pen, grab it and express what you feel for her. Scribble a self-written poem, some quotes, or a sentimental letter on a piece of paper, or make her sketch; roll it like a scroll, and gift her. Alternatively, you can take an unused photo frame and mount your emotions on it, jotted on paper. You can also go for a handmade card, expressing your feelings.

Your pictures together can also make a great gift. Simply compile those in a collage. It will be even better if you can mark the memory related to each with dates. If you are apart for the time, share what you have created with her over email. You won’t see but her happiness will be emanating from her eyes.

6. Invite Her for a Video Call

Invite her for a Video Call
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Are you staying apart on this day? Don’t worry. You can still gift precious things to your mom and celebrate the day with her. Show your appreciation with a video call on that day. Chit-chat with her, listen to her gossip with utmost interest, lend an ear to her rants, crack jokes, laugh together, and let her know how much you miss her, especially on this day. Trust me; she will be on cloud nine.

You can’t take your mom on a real shopping spree? No worries. Go on a virtual shopping trip! How? It’s simple. Go together through a video call. Explore online shopping stores for her stuff. Order whatever she likes and get it delivered to her. You can also enjoy a meal, play games, or have a movie session together virtually.  Just video call her and enjoy!

7. Make a Video

Make a video
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Videos are powerful enough to make her feel special, cared for, and valued. So, create a unique and thoughtful gift through videos. In the age of software and apps that allow you to create an engaging video in no time, your lovable gift is at hand. So, if you are not with your mom on this day, make a video conveying your love for her and the bond that you share. You can make it emotional, and funny, jazz it up with relevant songs, and add your personal touches to it.

Create a thank you video to express gratitude and show appreciation for everything she has done and still doing for you. If you are away from home, a video with all the milestones that you have crossed with your mom would be an ideal gift. Then, share it with her over the phone. You can’t even imagine, how many times she will watch the video.

8. Go Gardening 

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Does your mom have a fetish for greens like mine? In that case, your plans are sorted for the day. Indulge in a gardening session with her. Pamper her potted babies to bloom well. You can also plant a sapling together and name it in your mom’s name.

If you are living apart, join her on a gardening tutorial about the latest gardening tips or something similar. You can also ask her to stay indoors for the time, even if the well-trimmed grass is growing wild or the manicured lawn is becoming unkempt. Let her know that you will put everything back to shape, once you are home. Meanwhile, she should take care and relax.

9. Get Her Gifts

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Let the avid reader in her get a generous dose of reading stuff. You already know her favorite authors and genre. Present her with eBooks as per her taste. You can also get her subscribed for online books for a month or even a year. And then partake in her chats, when she gives you a book review that she has lately read.

I am yet to meet a woman who doesn’t love flowers. Blooms are nature’s beautiful creations that will brighten up her mood and make her day fragrant. You can simply pick fresh flowers from your garden and arrange them into a lovely bouquet. Isn’t this a perfumed and pretty way to let her know how much you adore her? You can also find some other mother’s day gift ideas to make her feel special.

10. Spend a Day Together

Mothers Day Ideas at Home

A day in a year is not enough to honor the most beautiful lady of your life. But with Mother’s Day excellent opportunities come to showcase your gratitude for her. So, how about carving out some quality time with the lady who raised you?

This is her special day, so treat your mom like a queen. Do things the entire day that she wanted to do with you. You can go through old family pictures, play games, or cook together. If both of you are movie fans, what’s better than a movie marathon? Include her favorite movies, grab some popcorn and cold drinks, and have a gala time!

11. Give Your Mom a Day Off

Celebration ideas for Mother's Day

Set your mom free from all the household chores on Mother’s Day as one of the 12 ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day at home. Let her sit back and relax and have some fun that she always wanted to do but couldn’t do somehow due to her busy schedule.

12. Throw a Surprise Party

Tips for Mothers day celebration

Plan a party with your siblings and dad. Make arrangements at home and make it a big surprise for her. Cook her favorite food and prepare the drinks/beverages she loves. Decorate the party place as per her choice. She will be super excited to see all this. It won’t be just a party for her but your love, affection, and care presented as a sweet surprise. This will transform her day into one of the most memorable times of her life.

To be precise, Mother’s Day calls for a grand celebration. After all, she is the reason for your existence and she deserves all your love, respect, and appreciation. This is the day when we thank the woman who cares most about us in the world. And making her happy is not a Herculean task. Once I had a WhatsApp chat with my dad. He went gaga over it for almost a week! Making our parents happy is that simple. They don’t want anything from us but time and attention.

Most importantly, in the end, it is how we feel after doing something for her because her heart is a perennial river that flows for us; even if we turn dry towards her. None of our gifts and efforts will count if we don’t learn to care for her emotions. After all, though this is a marked day to celebrate her we have another 365 days to make her feel special.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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