10 Tips to Live Alone

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Follow these smart tips to live alone for a successful solo living. 

Have you grabbed your dream job offer recently but it’s in a new city? You are excited for the new phase of your life but the idea of loving alone is troubling you. Relax. Here are great tips that make your living alone easier. I have experienced this and understand that solo loving is exciting, challenging, needs self-discipline, and makes you independent. Overall, it is a rewarding experience. 

So, here are some tips that guide you on how to live alone while being safe and sane. 

How to Live Alone?

When I moved into a cute little flat to live alone, I was nervous. On one hand, I was excited to take up this adventure of living solo and enjoying the freedom, on the other, I was worried that living alone might also be pretty lonely.

Thankfully, I learned to live solo and found ways to feel less lonely. So, here I present you 10 tips for living alone for the first time that are tried and tested. With these approaches, you can easily combat your loneliness and enjoy your solo life.

1. Overcome Fear

Fear is one of the biggest factors that discourages people from living alone. While living alone, you won’t have anyone around to count on in times of need. For instance, when you are sick, afraid of housebreak, or a ghost lurking! 

So, to combat the worry of how to live alone, make sure that you have –

  • Lock the doors and windows or any gaps for intruders
  • A backup plan for assistance handy like adding a few contacts as emergency numbers

    2. Take up Hobbies and Learn Skills


 how to live alone without friends and family
Ever thought about how people get engrossed in their hobbies and enjoy themselves while living alone? Pursue yours passionately and you will know. Additionally, learn new skills that help you do various chores yourself. 

Of course, your mom is just a call away to know what to do when you have added excess salt to the curry or that lovely brass vase has turned black. But when you live alone, learning to resolve such situations on your own helps you be self-reliant.

3. Go Social


how to live alone happily
Get in touch with your neighbors and maintain friendly terms with them. They will be there for you in times of need and your apartment won’t stay unattended when you are out. You can do things like – 

  • If you cook something special, share it with them. 
  • Help their kids with studies 
  • Offer your help when they need

Know how people around you are and ways to behave with them so that you can live alone happily in a great environment. 

4. Prepare Well in Advance


When you know that you will be living alone for any reason, plan ahead. Among other important aspects, knowing how much does it cost to live alone to avoid surprise expenses. 

Consider expenses like –

  • Rentals
  • Utilities
  • Food
  • Subscriptions
  • Internet and phone bills
  • Laundry
  • Furniture
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Gym Membership

5. Stick to a Budget

how much does it cost to live alone
If you want to know how you can afford to live alone, set a budget and stick to it. As you will have to pay rent, electricity, grocery, and other things on your own, being on a budget helps. 

Compare rentals and commuting costs, research well for food and utility prices in your area, and make a monthly budget in accordance with your income. Once you have done so, you will know your expenses and savings, and you won’t have to stress.

6. Take Yourself Out


how old you have to be to live alone
Getting used to your solitude and staying confined to the four walls might sound comfortable but refrain from making it your lifestyle. Take yourself out as it contributes to help when it comes to how to live alone successfully. You can – 

  • Go shopping
  • Watch a movie
  • Visit a museum
  • Watch kids playing in the park
  • Enjoy a meal at a restaurant

7. Get a Pet


how to live alone as a woman
When you have to live alone for the first time but don’t know how
, get a pet. Pets are great companions. Although dogs are the best choice for pets, if you can’t have one, think of fish or a bird. 

You can also install bird feeders near a window. By doing so, you will be interacting with living beings that balance the downsides of solo living and keep loneliness at bay. 

8. Decorate and Light Up Your Space


 how to live alone and be happy
No matter how old you are, when you have to live alone, there are certain tips that you must follow. You can live alone at 18 years of age whether you are in a new city for studies or a job. 

Other smart tips to live alone are to –

  • Decorate your space as it keeps you happily engaged, enhances the beauty around you, and increases your creativity. 
  • Let the daylight in, which is a mood buster and infuses energy into your day, hammering the feeling of loneliness.
  • Regularly video call your loved ones as it lifts your mood. 

9. Invite People Over


If you want to grab more tips on how to lead a happy life alone, don’t overlook the importance of inviting people over. Keep inviting your favorite people every now and then. 

Don’t wait for an occasion, just invite your friends or colleagues for a few games or a movie night. This will be an amazing way to make your home lively and add laughter to its aura.

10. Remember the Solo Living Benefits


Living alone has a lot of benefits as you can do whatever your heart desires. This is one of the approaches to being happy alone in life. You can eat in bed, dress your worst, and use the washroom as and when required, along with many more reasons. Enjoy your freedom and start taking pleasure in your own company. 

Now you know how to live alone without friends and family and enjoy it. Here are some of the benefits of solo living – 

  • Independence
  • Freedom
  • Personal development
  • Self-reflection and improvement
  • Fewer distractions

Safety Tips on How to Live Alone Happily 

Living alone helps you discover yourself. However, decide on solo living as per your personal goals. Here are some safety tips for living by yourself – 

  • Keep some contacts handy like those of plumbers, electricians, etc. Also, make sure that these people are trustworthy before you let them into your house.
  • Never leave incense sticks and candles unattended.
  • An important tip on how to live alone as a woman is to get accommodation with extra security. 
  • Make sure that you get one in a gated society that is packed with security doors, deadbolt locks, interior door chains, and alarm systems.
  • While moving in, make the location of smoke alarms clear and test these to be sure of their working condition.
  • Know how you can evacuate the house at the earliest in case of an emergency
  • Stay cautious. Never open the door for anyone who is unknown. This is one of the best tips for living alone.
  • Keep an emergency kit ready at all times.
  • Concentrate while cooking. If the oven or stove top catches fire, try extinguishing it with a fire extinguisher or pot lid.
  • Always unplug electrical appliances such as kettles, iron, hair straighteners, and chargers.   

Bottom Line

With these tips to live alone, you will figure out how to cope. Just like various other spheres of life, living all alone also needs time for adjustment. Once you fine-tune yourself accordingly, things turn out to be fine and smooth. 

With the tips and tricks of solo living, you can create a home that oozes liveliness and vibrancy. Appreciate wonderful things about you and know that you are awesome, even though, you are the only person in the house to admire your charm. So, don’t worry about how to live alone and be happy. These are goof-proof tips to live a solo life successfully and happily.





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