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Best 5 Dussehra Celebrations in India You Must Check Out

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To partake in the best 5 Dussehra celebrations in India you must check out, go through the account here.

It’s going to be a long weekend this year with Dussehra on 15th October 2021. Merriments are ringing in. Followed by fasting and feasting, this Hindu festival, also known as Vijayadashami brings a series of festivities. For some, it is about great get-togethers while for others, it is about visiting decorated parts of the cities, jhankis, and more. Also, there are those who look forward to unique celebrations. Here are the best 5 ways Dussehra is celebrated in India.

Best 5 Dussehra Celebrations in India You Must Check Out

To make your festive fervor more wholesome, here are the top places for the best Dussehra celebrations in India.

  1. Dussehra, Kullu

    Kullu Dussehra celebration in India, Best 5 Dussehra Celebrations in India You Must Check Out

A quaint hill town in Himachal Pradesh, Kullu celebrates Dussehra with vim and vigor. The Kullu Valley brightens up with vibrant colors during the festivities. The festival culminates with Lankadahan that symbolizes the burning of Ravana’s Lanka. It is held at Beas River and is unmissable, especially for tourists.

Even the State Government has bestowed Kullu Dussehra as an ‘International festival’ that magnetizes lakhs of visitors from across the globe. So, when in Kullu, enjoy the best of Dussehra celebrations in India.


  • Rath Yatra – Participate in the procession of Lord Raghunath where many idols of deities are carried on a decorated chariot led by the King of Kullu to the main ground.
  • Dussehra Fair – enjoy folk music and dance that represent Kullu’s tradition. Buy authentic handicrafts, especially the traditional Pattu patterned shawl or cap.
  1. Dussehra, Delhi

    Delhi Dussehra celebrations India
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Dussehra in this metro city is celebrated as the victory of Lord Ram over Ravana. Religious fervor is all around with adorned temples and Ramlila performances. When it comes to the Dussehra celebration in different parts of India, its fete can’t be ignored in the capital city.

Effigies of Ravana, Meghanad, and Kumbhakaran are burnt with firecrackers. Dandiya nights add fun to the celebrations. Every part of the city overflows with enthusiastic people, enjoying the festival.


  • Ramlila – Don’t miss out on the shows at Ramlila Maidan, the Red Fort grounds, and the Red Fort lawns.
  • Shopping – Go shopping in Chandni Chowk and dig into the flavors of Old Delhi street food.
  1. Dussehra, Gujarat

    Navratri celebrations in Dussehra festival India
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Dussehra has a new flavor of festivities in Gujarat. It looks like a scene from Bollywood – flamboyant dresses, lively music, synchronized Garba dances, and colorful lights all around. Celebrated as Navratra, the festival is marked by performing aarti of Goddess Durga.

The entire state us bathed in joy of festivities. It beckons one and all to partake in the nine-day long celebrations. Get ready in your ‘Kedias’ and ‘Lehenga-cholis’ for high energy festive fervor with the Dussehra celebration in Gujarat.


  • Garba dance – Dance to the traditional Garba music, while being clad in colorful Gujarati dresses.
  • Meet your soulmate – If you are single, you might find your significant other while grooving to the music and clanking dandiyas.
  1. Durga Puja, Kolkata

    Durga Puja celebrations West Bengal
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The city of joy – Kolkata is at the best of her glory during the sacred Durga Puja. Decor and music take over this capital city of West Bengal, jazzed up by cheerful people clad in traditional attires. To manifold the delight, dig into the lip-smacking culinary treats.

Enjoy culture, literature, art, and more during the celebrations. people bid a grand bye to Maa Durga by immersing Her idol in River Ganga. Dussehra celebrations that take place during Durga Puja mark the most appropriate time to witness Bengali culture at its best.


  • Pandal Hopping – You can’t miss it. The experience brings you to unique and thematic pandals that have a saga of their own.
  • Dance Performances – During the evening aarti, Dhaak (a drum variant), and Dhunuchi (a small mud vessel that holds fire) dances are performed. Dhunuchi is held in hand, mouth, and even balanced on the forehead. Dance steps flow on fervent Dhaak beats.
  • Sindoor Khela – The last day of the puja is marked by a dramatic ceremony that symbolizes a long and joyous married life. It is observed by married women dressed in traditional red and white sarees, smear sindoor on each other’s face as part of Sindoor Khela.
  1. Dasara, Mysore

    Dasara Mysore in India
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Locally known as Dasara, Dussehra is the state festival of Karnataka that has kept its 400-year-old festivities intact. This 10-day extravaganza is led by the royals of the city. Enjoy theme programs that center around dance, music, and local culture.

It is during these celebrations when you get the authentic Indian mela feel. Gorge on local food, go shopping, and take joyrides. Undoubtedly, the Dussehra celebration in Mysore Palace is something you shouldn’t miss out on.


  • Jumbo Savaari – Also called the elephant procession, the jumbo savaari is led by decorated royal elephants. The procession begins from the Mysore Palace and culminates at the Dasara parade ground.
  • Illuminated Mysore Palace – Over 100,000 lights decorate the Mysore Palace, making it truly a visual treat!
  • Dasara Exhibition – held at the exhibition grounds every year since 1880, This exhibition brings out the kid in you. Go for joy rides, savor local delicacies, and shop till you drop!

Every destination that celebrates Dussehra has its own way to treasure it. It brings people together and binds them in unity. After culminating the Navratri, Dussehra sets in the festive season. Diwali fast approaches within 21 days with a series of jubilees. Cheers to great times ahead!

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