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The Changing Role of the Modern Day Father

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With the changing role of the modern day father, children have shown the development of several positive attributes such as better self-esteem, self-control, empathy, confidence, social competence, psychological well-being, and reduced gender-stereotyped thoughts.

Things are changing fast in the millennium and so is the generation of fathers. Today’s father is not just the conventional breadwinner who is strict and whose name is enough for kids – “Let your dad come home today. I’ll tell him what you did.” He is now a friend of his kids with whom they can share things and confide in him.

Roles of parents are now merged, where fathers are happily taking the responsibility to look after their kids. They are proving that they can equally care for their kids and address their psychological challenges. Fathers are today deeply involved in the daily duties of the family such as cooking meals, doing laundry, taking care of kids’ studies and other activities, and even taking paternity leave from their jobs to care for newborns.

The changing economic role of women has largely influenced the role of fathers in recent times. From 1948 to 2001, the percentage of working women or looking for employment almost doubled to over 60% from less than 33%. So, on this Father’s Day, let’s look at the changed role of the father in families and everything good that has followed.

Stay at Home Fathers

How has the role of father changed in today's society?






As per Roland Waren, President of the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI), historically men know very well that they are the providers but shifting roles have made most dads realize that it is not enough to just provide but they must also nurture, guide, and partake in their child’s development.

No wonder, the number of stay-at-home dads is skyrocketing. Parents mutually decide that one of them will take care of kids at home and the other will be the provider. This has resulted from the shift in society’s expectations about the way fathers interact with their kids. In addition, dads are stepping out of their traditional roles; some are never married and some divorced. Gay partners are also raising their kids well.

Attending Parental Coaching Classes

The Shifting Role of Fathers in Modern Society






Modern-day fathers are involved in the emotional support of their families, more than their fathers and much more than their grandfathers. Now, they take interest in their children before they are born. They are active participants in planning related to the birth of their child.

From accompanying their wife to the doctor, attending prenatal coaching classes, and getting parenting guidance, to changing diapers at midnight; fathers are stepping up. All this showcases that modern age daddies are looking forward to contributing immensely to their kids apart from simply being a provider for them.

Changes in Caregiving Roles

The Changing Roles of Fatherhood in Modern Times






With father’s increased involvement in the lives of kids, there are a number of positive characteristics that get inculcated in children. These characteristics include increased empathy, self-control, social competence, reduction in gender-stereotyped beliefs, better self-esteem, psychological well-being, educational success, confidence, and life skills. Researches have also put a stamp on this fact.

Researches also show that the impact of a father’s love on the development of children is as important as the mother’s affection. Additionally, fathers who impart more love to their children, help them be strong against behavioral or substance abuse problems.

Men too Dream of a Family

How is fatherhood changing for the better?






Millennial dads aim to be wonderful fathers and want to involve actively in the lives of their children. They want to impart to their kids a solid emotional foundation. Dads are not sitting on the sidelines anymore. With a number of several important areas of their kids’ upbringing, they want to give their best.

The image of the father as stoic and rock-strong is changing now. Nowadays both parents take parenting seriously for their identity. There were times when women wanted marriage and kids but now men are admitting openly about having marriage and children on their minds. Studies suggest that modern-day fathers find their parenting responsibilities as the core of their identity as compared to their father or grandfather.

To be precise, fathers of the current day and age look forward to playing an integral part in the upbringing of their children. They want to take care of their well-being and maintain a close bond with them. The changing role of the modern day father has also made him juggle well between work and family.

Even in the unfortunate cases of divorce, they want to stand with them emotionally and financially, while being there to mentor and nurture them. Children eventually gain positive energy as their father gives them time, listens to them, and solves their problems. As they are fast adapting to changing scenarios, fathers will soon play an instrumental role in parenting, which is the ideal family situation of the 21st century.



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