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9 Creative Father’s Day Celebration Ideas

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Father’s Day is around the corner, it is time to tell your dad how much you cherish him. Are you looking for some creative Father’s Day celebration ideas that help you express your love for him? Fret not. With this day that falls in summers, you have plenty of opportunities to make the most of the celebrations and surprises planned.

Father’s Day Celebration Ideas

Get ready to have fun with your daddy or other father figures in your life and celebrate him on this special day. The days are longer, brighter, and bring a lot of opportunities to enjoy to your heart’s content.

Thoughtful gifts and quality times are what he will surely appreciate and cherish. Go for a movie, have a bite, or simply walk around together. As this is ‘his’ day, set the routine according to his interest and preferences.

Keeping all these factors in mind, here are some well-thought ideas about how to make your dad feel happy on Father’s Day.

When is Father’s Day 2021?

Father’s Day 2021

Father’s Day falls on the 3rd Sunday of June every year. Father’s Day 2021 is on 20th June. With lockdown being relaxed slowly, you can decide how to make your dad feel special on father’s day. Choose from ample options to celebrate this day both indoors and outdoors. You can also come up with ideas for creative things to do for father’s day and let him have a gala time.

Gift Ideas for Dad

personalized father's day gifts

Start deciding on Father’s Day gift ideas that you will be giving him and things to do together for a memorable day. As there is no dearth of ideas for Father’s Day gifts and things to do on Father’s Day, you can gift your dad abundant love and happiness.

Even if you want to have some DIY Father’s Day ideas, continue reading. DIY things are thoughtful and fun-filled. With smart Father’s Day 2021 handmade gift ideas, you can create a personalized present while impressing your dad.

If you are staying away from your father this year and can’t be with him to celebrate, make the most of the online world we are living in. Send him your love across as packages. No matter whether you are miles apart or together with your father, you have innumerable ways to express your gratitude and admiration to him.

Make him realize that he has the maximum importance in your life with father’s day celebration ideas. So to gift him a feeling of being special, grab ideas for creative things to do for father’s day below.

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Father’s Day Ideas for Activities 

The best way to show that you care is through gifts. However, gifts are not just something that can be held in hands but precious tokens of love that are held in the heart forever. We always have emotional and sentimental plans for moms but when it comes to fathers, we think of things that they would like and it is done.

Because dads never show how they feel, we tend to think that they are tough and don’t need assurance of our love for them. On the contrary, dads are equally emotional and are touched by the thoughtful gestures of their kids. So, the times spent with him make the best gifts for dad. Here are some amazing father’s day celebration ideas that will impart him times to treasure.

  1. Have a Video Game Bash

creative things to do for father day,







Stay at home and have a relaxing video game session with your daddy. Don’t forget to order his favorite pizza (and/or sides) and have fun together. Get a cool gaming setup ready and kick out his spirited side. Also include games where you can play as a team-up, not competitors.

Among the creative things to do for Father’s Day, you can come up with the idea of exchanging your gaming experience. You tell him about the latest games and he will introduce you to his childhood video games. This gaming session will surely stir up some nostalgia and you will have a gala time together.

  1. Play Like Kids

father's day celebration ideas







Relive your childhood and give your father a chance to live his youthful days again. Bring up the fun by doing everything with your dad that you used to do as a kid. This experience will be among the best gifts for dad on Father’s Day. You can do this by beginning your morning with cartoon shows.

In the noontime, head over to the garden or a park nearby. Go cycling there or simply play with the ball. When hunger strikes, gobble some sandwiches. In the evening, go for ice cream or buy him chocolates (your father used to buy you chocolates when you were a kid, now you return the favor). At night, watch a movie that has some beautiful memories of your childhood.

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  1. Get Him a Relaxing Massage

father's day surprise ideas







Getting him a relaxing massage, while you take care of chores on his behalf is among the best father’s day surprise ideas. Book a professional massage for him or a spa will be even better. As fathers are always busy with a long list of tasks, they don’t get time for themselves. On this Father’s Day, give him the gift of relaxation and complete his tasks.

When he comes back after the massage or spa therapy, he will be more than happy to find that you have completed his chores and he can have more time to relax.

  1. Surprise Him with an Adventure

creative Father's Day celebration ideas







Are you adventure freaks? If yes, what will be better than going for some daring bouts with him on this day! If you are wondering about how to make your dad feel special on father’s day, one of the best ideas is to go zip lining. You can also go for a hot air balloon ride.

And what comes as a bonus with these activities? The breathtaking views around as the adrenaline rush take you over. Your dad will feel on top of the world as he floats above the woods, valleys, hills, or simply the vast plains. Don’t forget to capture his cheerful voices and reactions on your camera lens.

  1. Indulge in Water Activities

father's day surprise ideas







Is your dad a water baby? So, nothing is better than taking him to the water sports complex or a thermal spring zone (if available) of your area. Let him indulge in water activities of his choice. You can alternatively take him to a water park where you can have fun-filled rides and splash on each other.

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  1. Take a Road Trip

things to do for Father’s Day 2021







In your childhood, wherever you used to go – school, family trips, holidays, etc; the one who used to drive the vehicle was your dad probably. Now, it is time to return the favor. Let your dad take the side seat and enjoy as you drive him to his much-loved place. The road trip can be as long as you want or a have a short one.

You can decide the type of trip as you know how to make your dad feel happy. The trip can include his interest as well. For instance, if he loves gardening, you can drive through the best nurseries of the area or greenhouses even better. If he loves historical sites, plan a trip that covers museums en route.

  1. Enjoy a Food Tour

    best of gift ideas for dad father's day






Is your dad a foodie? If yes, taking him on a food tour of the restaurants and dhabas around will be the best gift ideas for dad. Although this is not actually a gift, the experience he will have will be truly a ‘savory’ gift.

You can also take a step ahead and take him to the nearby areas of the city to dig in new foods and flavors. Consider his much-loved delicacies and cuisines, and plan accordingly. You will have a gala time together while munching on delicious treats.

  1. Pack a Picnic

how to make your dad feel happy on father’s day







Picnicking can never go out of style and fun. And is a wonderful way to make your dad feel happy on this special day. Choose his favorite spot and pack things of his choice. Then, drive together to the place and have fun for hours. You can also combine the picnic with some activities that you know he will love such as visiting a gaming zone or a movie.

  1. Buy Tickets to His Favorite Event/Concert

Tips to surprise dad on father’s day







If yours is an art, sports, or music-loving dad, an unparalleled way to surprise dad on father’s day is to take him to a related event or concert. Although, this will be a way to treat him you will find it precious watching his reactions at the event/concert as he gets excited and elated.

With these things to do for Father’s Day 2021, you can make your dad realize how much you love him. He has been your guide, mentor, role model, and supporter all through life. It’s now your turn to make him feel appreciated. Reverse the role and choose from the above-mentioned father’s day surprise ideas. Think about what he loves to do and what he always wanted to but couldn’t.

Plan such activity and get his wish fulfilled. Whatever you do for him, he will understand your affection for him. After all, spending quality time with you and celebrating the bond he shares with his children is all he wants.

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