How to Play a Safe and Eco-Friendly Holi

How to Play a Safe and Eco-Friendly Holi

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For times immemorial, Holi is among the most eagerly anticipated festivals of India. But with time, people find several reasons not to celebrate it the usual way. They have their own ways that explain how to play a safe and eco-friendly Holi. It is because the colorful spree is now contaminated with things that can mar your excitement and might land you in trouble.

To help you enjoy a safe Holi that is in the best interest of nature, scroll down here are some smart tips for Holi celebration, the eco-friendly way.

How to Play a Safe and Eco-Friendly Holi

How to Play a Safe and Eco-Friendly Holi

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We must understand our responsibility towards our community and planet, while we rejoice in festivities that might bring in some harsh aftermaths. So, here are 8 tips to play a safe and eco-friendly Holi.

  1. Refrain From Presumptions

No matter how much you chant – “Bura na mano Holi hai!” There are people who mind being painted in colors on Holi. Just because it is a festival of colors, you don’t have the right to throw water and smear colors on anyone and everyone. Though your intentions are just to have fun, it is good to ask people if they are willing to partake in the color play.

Everyone is not high on festive fervor. So, when you are all set with your colors, pichkaris, and water balloons; please resist the urge to throw these on whoever comes across. Asking before playing with someone maintains the festive delight and doesn’t mar the experience for anyone.

2. Use Natural Colors

Originally, colors used to play Holi were made from natural ingredients such as flowers, leaves, turmeric, sandalwood, and herbs. These colors were not only beautiful but also good for skin according to Ayurveda. And each of the colors had a meaning connotation. Those wondering how can I make my Holi color eco-friendly can try making colors with these natural substances.

But with time, synthetic colors replaced natural ones. These are chemical-based colors that are disastrous for skin. Comprising toxic substances that include lead, petrol, metal oxides, and even powder of glass prove these colors to bring several health complications. So, using herbal colors that are safe for skin and health is our responsibility. It is also important to know about tips to get rid of Holi colors.

3. Play Responsibly

Before throwing anyone in the pool or tub or colors, seek their consent. Many of us have some health issues that can deteriorate with such so-called ‘fun’ acts. So, when you want to pick someone and begin with the throw and splash game, tell him/her beforehand. This is one of the ways to celebrate Holi in a safe and eco-friendly way this year.

Hold yourself from throwing colored water-filled balloons on people randomly. By doing so, you aren’t having fun but hitting people. Your balloon might hit someone who is injured, recovering from one, or an old person and can harm them more than you can imagine. Also, avoid targeting cars. You never know, just a moment of fun for you might lead to a mishap for someone.

4. Say “No” to Alcohol and Rowdy Revelry

To celebrate Holi, you need not gulp gallons of alcohol and lose control. It might draw unsavory crowds as well. You might realize later if you have misbehaved with someone or harmed even yourself in an intoxicated state. Go easy on drinks and keep yourself hydrated with water. Be sober and keep up the celebratory spirit for everyone. This is one of the simple ways to play Holi where the celebration is fun for everyone.

While enjoying rowdy revelry, many people end up playing Holi with animals. We must realize that the festival isn’t for animals. Since they can’t clean themselves, bathing them in colors can result in serious issues. Your fun can cost the life of these innocent beings. So, spare them from the merriment when you are making merry the rowdy way.

5. Know Its Ecological Impact

By playing with synthetic colors, you harm not only your skin and health but also the planet. Being conscious about the use of natural, organic, and herbal colors is not enough.  You have to convey the role of these colors to people around you. Now many environmental issues are linked to Holi merriment.

Bonfire or Holika Dahan results in the removal of forest cover extensively and synthetic Holi colors don’t degrade as they remain in the water. When birds and animals drink this chemical-infused water, the heavy metal-based pigments become a part of the ecosystem. If you are wondering how can we celebrate Holi in an eco-friendly way, this is one of the ways you can resort to it.

6. Be Socially Conscious

Scientists are constantly warning us of the water crisis that is impending. Drought is already affecting farmers across the country. In this scenario, it becomes important to understand our responsibility and the significance of water conservation. As Holi involves a lot of play with water, people should switch to playing it without water, with gulal.

Also, festivities are great times to give to the less fortunate and work towards social inequalities. More and more people are keeping frivolous activities aside in the name of the Holi celebration. This is a wonderful way to play Holi without colors and still add colors to the lives of others. They are taking up the responsibility of spreading awareness about climate change, visiting orphanages, and so on.

7. Go for Offbeat Celebrations

Apart from parties that invite the entire neighborhood, try a different celebration style. Go for a picnic, weekend getaways, and close family lunch or dinner.

By doing so, you will have more quality time with your loved ones without wasting natural resources or money.

8. Be Money Conscious

Today, people are cautious about where they are spending their hard-earned money. Having responsibilities make them financially wise. If they must splurge, it is on gadgets and technology that comprise a major part of their lives.

So, they prefer investing money in things that they could use for years rather than on a celebration of only 2-3 hours. The whopping amount charged for décor and other arrangements doesn’t go well with salaried class today. Moreover, skipping the traditional celebration and enjoying it with family and friends is what they look forward to.

With the aforementioned points, it is evident that Holi is now a personal affair. It is also highlighted how does Holi affect the environment. And what not to do in favor of our environment and maintain it. People still love traditions but they look forward to reinventing the ways for festive celebrations in the light of their modern sensibilities.


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