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7 Things to Consider Before Accepting A Job Offer

7 Things to Consider Before Accepting A Job Offer
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You feel ecstatic when an offer letter of a new job lands in your inbox. You might even don’t know what to say when accepting a job offer email. How wonderful it is to know that your services are wanted, appreciated, and you will be receiving a desired amount every month for the same! Apart from your designation and a fixed honorarium, what else this new organization is offering you? What exactly will your responsibilities and targets be like? So before accepting a new job offer, you must know what should you consider.

To help you make such an important decision, you should weigh pros and cons and consider all those factors that are crucial for your tenure with an organization. Here are 7 factors to consider before accepting a job offer –

  1. Evaluate the Job Offer

what to look for before accepting a job offer






Before accepting the job offer, consider the compensation package that includes salary, perks, benefits, work culture, work hours, and schedule. At the same time, take the job description into consideration and decide if it will fulfill your dreams and goals of what you want from your job.

Think about the offer you have in hand. You need not reply in affirmation right away. Get in touch with the organization and ask the time they can give you to respond. If you have more than one offer, compare those so that you are in better position to decide and select the ones that best suits your requirements.

  1. Employee Benefits

what to look for when accepting a job offer






Considering employee benefits and perks is among the top things to consider before accepting a job offer. Scan which percentage of health insurance, retirement plans, vacation, sick leave, life, and disability insurance etc. is covered in your compensation package. Taking time to review what you are being offered is of utmost importance. This will help you make sure what you and your family need at this stage of your working life.

  1. The Colleagues

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Considering people at your workplace is an integral factor to take into contemplation. Your team your boss, and other colleagues whom you will meet and work with every day are important for your happiness at workplace. You should not overlook this factor when it comes to what to consider before accepting a job offer. Although, it is not easy to judge people when you have met them for once and that too for a brief time but it affects your success there. Think the way they treat you during interview process. Did they make you feel comfortable? Were they all about profession related questions or asked some personal ones as well? Did you receive their call back after the process on time?

  1. The Work Culture

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Every company or organization has its own environment. So, make sure that you weigh the pros and cons of your soon-to-be-joined organization. And ensure that you will be able to embrace it and thrive in it. Decide if you would go for structure and competition or fast-paced environment and choose the organization accordingly for your next innings.

Also take the location of your new workplace into consideration as this is among the things to think about before accepting a job offer. See if you have to commute on a short or long route as it will impact your daily temperament. Long commuting hours with traffic jams every day in the morning and evening can eventually annoy you, which will reflect in your work as well as personal fronts.

  1. The Stability

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Among other things to know before accepting a job offer is the organization’s/company’s stability. Research well about the organization you will be joining. You might have been told about its impressive track of work and profit but take time to check its hiring activities and success rate. Also check its reviews on various employee review portals, where reviews can’t be edited or deleted. Does it pay on time? How long its employees stick to it? Did it continue work from home during lock down? Are its lay-offs justified? And check the like patterns of the organization if you want stability in your career.

  1. The Salary Package

what you need to know before accepting a job offer






Another important thing to consider when accepting a job offer is your salary package. While accepting a job offer, money becomes the most attractive and decisive factor. But wait. You should refrain from following this approach. It is possible that might end up looking for another job soon after joining an organization for the whopping pay scale or love working at an organization that doesn’t pay you an enormous amount.

  1. Your Intuition

things to consider before accepting a new job








After weighing all the factors and considering each seriously, carefully listen to what your intuition is trying to tell you. Remember, if you walk out of an interview or in the middle of one; your gut feeling already tells you the right or wrong. Trust it and go ahead with it.

Therefore, scoring a job offer is euphoric but you have to consider a number of factors before a new job offer. The above mentioned are the typical ones that we usually tend to forget and add a new company to our resume without taking these into account. It should be kept in mind that once you have made through the toughest part of the job hunt doesn’t mean that all the work has been done. You have to make sure that the new offer is for the correct opportunity for you. At times, you might also have to choose between two or more offers. With the above pointers you can make a wise decision and take a smart step ahead for your career growth.


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