10 Things You Should Do If You are Unemployed

10 Things To Do When You are Unemployed

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Times are difficult, especially with most of us losing jobs. So, here are 10 things to do when you are unemployed and make the most of this period.

“Hunger is not the worst feature of unemployment; idleness is.”

– William Barrett

Unemployment is not just a career status, but also an emotional state. It is daunting, frustrating, impatient, and makes you anxious. When you are out of employment, your only job is to find one. And when you don’t get any response to your applications or get irrelevant offers; you tend to lose your grip on being active.

Also, your daily schedule goes haywire. Here you have to take steps to keep yourself productive, active, and on the correct track as you search for jobs. It’s your call how you utilize this time, but with the following plan of action, you can make the most of your time. We can’t control being out of employment, but we can definitely control the way we react to this phase.

10 Things To Do When You are Unemployed

With COVID – 19 getting a greater grip on the world, the global economy has received a severe blow. As a result, companies have to resort to layoffs, making more and more people unemployed. These ideas help you grow and stay hopeful. I have experienced unemployment and have realized that these hacks are highly helpful.

Create and Stick to a Daily Routine
10 things to do when you are unemployed

If you want to take a few days’ break after you don’t have a job, it is fine but don’t let it become your habit. Maintaining a daily routine during days of unemployment is as important as times of being employed. Get up on time, freshen up, go for a walk, dress up neatly, and start your day as planned to make it as productive as possible.

Having a schedule helps in reducing stress levels while searching for a job. Create an outline of your planning for the days. It will keep you focused and productive. Additionally, keep up with your everyday tasks so that your chances of becoming inactive or depressed are lessened to a great extent.

Organize Yourself
Productive Things You Can Do While Unemployed

Carrying yourself in the comfiest clothes around the house is tempting. But take time to dress up in clothes that you would wear while going out. This will help you resist the temptation to laze and will keep you going to accomplish the target you have set for the day.

You can also take up other activities such as cleaning bed boxes, sort old clothes, take out long-forgotten crockery set, etc. Such things might have been waiting for some time as you were packed with your hectic routine. Now you have time, why not complete these pending tasks! It will also make you feel like having spent the day productively.


Inspiring Things to do While Unemployed

Another way to stay organized is to work out. This will keep you active and enthusiastic, and you will also stay in shape. Additionally, workout helps in keeping you in optimist mode. If you don’t want to workout much, simply go for a walk in proximity to your house. This will also keep you encouraged and determined. Make the most of this time to take good care of yourself.

Build Your Skills
How to spend your day productively while unemployed

As you search for jobs, invest this time in building new skills that are great additions to your professional portfolio. Take pieces of training or certifications online to up your skills. There are plenty of free online courses that provide certifications on successful completion. Research, discuss with your friends who know about those and enroll yourself in the courses. Additional training and certifications in your profile refresh your resume, ace interview skills, and make your job hunt a lot easier.

Review New Job Openings
how to structure your day when unemployed

Give an hour or so every day, preferably night hour; seeking new job openings available online. Skim through the openings to find those that interest you. Save jobs that you find relevant or copy those you feel like applying to on a word document/notebook.

Carefully check the job descriptions, eligibility criteria, etc. If there is an opening that interests you, but you need to add to your skills, go ahead and get those skills added to your expertise and portfolio. It increases your chances to get hired as well as makes you more confident.

Apply for Positions at the Correct Time
things to do when unemployed and bored

When it comes to applying for a job, there are organizations that ask you to fill an online form. Others facilitate you to email your resume with a cover letter. Some others require you to visit the company website to apply for a specific job. So, whenever you come across a job opening that suits your requirements; don’t jump to apply it. I know, it sounds contradictory. You might think “why wait? Do it immediately.” But here is the catch.

Applying early morning or before 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM keeps your application among the top applies. You will then receive calls/emails earlier in the day. Once you get your interview scheduled, you will have the entire day to brush up and prepare well, rather than receiving an interview confirmation in the evening and the interview scheduled for the next morning. I have always played by this rule and trust me, it works well. You have to be active enough to spot an opening at the earliest when it is posted.

Find Temporary Work
how to enjoy unemployment

Bridge your employment gap by taking up in between jobs, i.e. some temporary/freelance work. While hunting for a job, take some time to apply for work-from-home opportunities, even though temporary. By the time you will find a permanent solution, there will be something to support you financially, saving you from a monetary crisis.

There are many websites that are meant for the purpose and provide ample online work as per your expertise. You have no dearth to earn online but make sure that the websites you are choosing to work with are trustworthy.

Build Your Network
what to do when unemployed for a long time

Job search doesn’t necessarily include what you know, but who you know. There are certain openings that are never advertised. You can only know about those by building up a vast network. Decide the number of new connections you will be adding to your network on a weekly basis. Ensure to reach each of them throughout the week. This earns you credibility and your network becomes stronger.

Follow Up
How can I be productive when unemployed?

Track your activities of the day such as jobs/ freelancing opportunities you have applied for, number of connections, interviews scheduled, and any online course/training taken. Follow up with the people involved to let them know you are available and interested in the role.

As busy schedules take up people, follow-up is a great way to show them your interest and it keeps you on their minds. If you grab an offer, don’t make haste. Carefully scrutinize certain things to consider before accepting a job offer. This will help you make sure that you are making eth correct decision and not just accepting a job offer because you are seeking employment.

Treat Yourself
Productive Things You Can Do While Unemployed

Being unemployed is tiring and trying. Keep yourself in high spirits by giving yourself a treat occasionally. Weekly take some time off, just for yourself to recharge yourself and relax. Indulge in some leisure activities that make you happy. A long chit-chat session with your loved ones will also work. Refreshing yourself will maximize your productivity as you embark on the path of job hunting.

Thus, the period of being unemployed can be made less challenging. Work on your outlook, stay focused, be persistent and consistent. Utilize this time to the most in your favor in every aspect. You don’t have a boss who monitors you at this time. So, take charge and be your own boss. Stay dedicated to the schedule planned, stay motivated, and you will be closer to your dream job in no time while making significant progress for your next position.

Good Luck!


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