5 easy DIY Halloween decor ideas

5 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

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Use these 5 easy DIY Halloween decor ideas for adorning your home in an amazing way this year.

The spooktacular time of the year is here. Cozy evenings, cold breeze, and color-changing leaves bring Halloween. It’s time for spooky home decoration, scrumptious treats, and a lot of fun. Do your festive preparations begin with turning your aesthetic home into a grisly haunted house, a mysterious graveyard, or an eerie scene from a horror story or your favorite Halloween movie?

But you don’t want to spend much; here are some DIY Halloween decorations ideas. With these, ideas for Halloween decoration you can have an eek-o-friendly Halloween. And after the celebrations are over, you can safely pack these to be reused next year.

5 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

5 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

Here are some easy Halloween crafts for you to prepare for the festive décor. Adorning the house with your handmade stuff gives a satisfaction you can experience only when you create some crafty pieces. Even if you are running late to decorate your home, here are some last-minute Halloween decoration ideas to jazz up your home in an eerie way.

Make your home come alive with super spooky vibes and relax with some short horror stories to live the spirit of the festival.

1.Toilet Paper Roll Candles

ideas for Halloween decoration, easy Halloween crafts, DIY Halloween candles

We end up throwing the cardboard rolls after the toilet paper is over. Save those this time to be transformed into DIY Halloween candles. For longer candles, you can use paper towel rolls.

Decide the length of the candles and cut the roll accordingly. Use a hot glue gun to create dripping wax and paint it for a creepy vibe. Add LED tea lights to give the candle flame effect and get ready to be appreciated for this DIY spooky Halloween decoration.

To completely merge the LED tea lights with the rolls for a realistic candle look, paint these in the same color of your roll candles, except the flame. Never use regular candles here or else it will start a fire easily.

This handmade Halloween decoration idea might look tough but it is easy and super fun to create!

  1. Orange Jack O’ Lanterns

easy handmade Halloween décor, DIY Halloween decorations ideas

Jack o’ lanterns made from oranges are indispensable Halloween decoration items and look oh so cute! How about making some for your décor? Simply start with slicing the orange top. Save its orange bottles to be enjoyed as it is or for orange juice.

Draw a spooky face on the outside of each orange – two triangle eyes, a little triangle nose, and a smile. Cut these in their respective shapes with a sharpie for a quick and easy handmade Halloween décor. Add a tea candle inside and your home will have that refreshing orange fragrance all around.

Alternatively, you can also use oranges as they are, while drawing faces with a black marker. Cut a bunch of short yarn strands and paste at the tops of the oranges with glue. While decorating home, you can also give these as healthy treats to kids.

  1. Tin Can Ghosts
    last minute Halloween decoration ideas, DIY spooky Halloween decorations

Tin cans are usually thrown after use. How about using these to carve out ghosts for handmade Halloween decor 2021? This spooky craft is so easy-peasy that you can involve kids in the making. It will be super fun! And these make amazing DIY Halloween decorations for outside as well.

Start with painting the cans white. Once dry, punch a hole on their bottom. You can use an awl and a hammer for the hole or simply push a screwdriver through it until it pops out. Now, on the white can, draw a ghost face and color it with black paint.

Paste white ribbons inside the can and leave those free. Hang these tins can ghosts on trees or other hanging areas in your home. Let them sway!

  1. Wine Glass Halloween Candles

DIY spooky Halloween decorations, quick and easy handmade Halloween décor

Repurposing your extra lot of wine glasses into Halloween candles will impart a new touch to your festive decor. This is one of the quick and easy DIY Halloween decoration ideas.

Using acrylic enamel paint, color your wine glasses green with its stem and bottom black (for Frankenstein), white (for mummy), orange with its stem and bottom green (for jack o’ lantern), and purple (for zombie).

After the paint dries, keep these freshly colored decor items upside down. Add your favorite designs/characters like a vampire or witch to these cute glass monsters. When required, place your favorite candles on these DIY cuties.

5. Spooky Mason Jar

Halloween decoration idea, DIY Halloween decor items, handmade Halloween decoration idea This is one of the scary Halloween decoration ideas and the simplest to create. Also, you can do it in an unimaginable number of ways. You can use any jar you want for this Halloween decoration idea on a budget. A few ideas for mason jar creepy creatives are –

  1. Roughly wrap gauze bandages over the jar, stick googly eyes, and place votive candles inside. Mummy mason jar is ready.
  2. You can add toy spiders with fairy lights and some cotton to these jars for that spooky effect.
  3. Paint jack o’ lanterns or creepy creatures/faces on those with glow-in-the-dark paint.

It’s time to flaunt your creativity with these 5 easy DIY Halloween decor ideas. Most of these can be created with things already available at home. Even if you need to buy, these things will be easily affordable. So, look for items lying around and transform those into artistic decorative pieces. You can use your own creativity to give a twist or freshness to the décor.

After all, it’s your home, your festival, so ideas could definitely yours. With your creativity and efforts, you can impart an eerie look to your home. So much so that it looks like one of the most haunted places in the world. Everyone will appreciate you for such lovely seasonal decor. And your pocket-friendly ideas will be lauded too.

Happy Halloween!



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