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10 Tips to Be Stylish On a Budget

10 Tips to Be Stylish On a Budget
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Do you think, money is the ticket for a great style? Think again. With some useful tips and tricks you can look just fabulous without breaking the bank. With some thoughtful approaches, you can upgrade your wardrobe at a reduced budget. Although, “budget” is different for everyone as someone’s pipe dream is another’s mega steal. However, a mid-way never fails. Keep it in kind that the ultimate goal is to achieve financial freedom, enabling you to buy what you like. So, grab these 10 tips to be stylish on a budget.
1) Scrutinize your cupboard

We tend to accumulate and hold on to things that are rarely or never used. Scrutinize your closet and find if you have different shades of just one of two colors, having several dresses but not one worth of a date or get together, trousers that are outdated, and the like issues. Decide what you want to have in your wardrobe and chuck out what you don’t.
2)Buy what you need
Before rushing out to shop, sit and assess what you have and what else do you need to buy. Focus on your requirement rather than desire. If you don’t have a white top but a few skirts and pants in your wardrobe will go with it, buy one. Similarly, if you have some colorful kurtas that will look great with white pants, go ahead.
3) Ignore trends and define your style
Don’t follow trends and be your own trendsetter as what is trendy is usually costly. It is better to focus on defining your individual style. Put on what flatters your personality. The best approach to be fashionable on a shoestring budget is to buy items that you can mix and match a number of times, rather than stuffing your wardrobe with fashion-magazine items. Also, check the colors you have that can coordinate within your closet, thereby expanding your choices.
4)Go for basic things
Going basic can never go wrong when you are looking forward to be stylish at low-cost. Basic clothes such as plane t-shirts, jeans, stolls, shrugs, skirts, and the like can be easily paired with each other for a new look. Top up with accessories and you will be superbly stylish!
5) Look for Versatility
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Buy clothes that you can wear in different styles. For instance, a buttoned shirt looks good with a pullover. The same shirt can be worn with buttons open over a tee. You can also tuck it into a skirt or pants to give a formal look. So, a piece of dress that you can wear in 3-4 different styles is a great one time investment and a wise approach for low-cost fashion. Also, never buy a shirt if it only goes with one outfit.
6)Shop at off-season sale
Off-season sale is an amazing way to grab clothes at cheap rates. End of the season clearance sales provide you with some superb pieces at really affordable rates. However, make sure that wat you pay for is worth the price. Plan ahead how much you want to spend and don’t get carried away because it is a clearance sale.
7) Pack some printed and check shirts 
Printed and check shirts are the liveliest piece of dressing available and are super trendy. These shirts are not just chic but also give you immense options for outfits. Amazingly cool and budget friendly, these printed pieces can be teamed up with pants, jeans, knee length shorts, or even a pseudo suit!
8)Do denims
Denim, in general, is a great looking clothing piece. Denims shirts in specific are very classy, elegant and, of course, the in-trend garment.
9)Solid and Basic Colored Tees
Tees, whether roundnecks or polos are basic but classy and stylish. Wear these on any given occasion and you won’t be wrong. Basic is simple and simple is elegant. Collecting solid and basic color tees is frugal and adds to your style quotient.
10)Keep it Simple

Needless to say, frills and ruffles are pricey affair. Packing your cupboard with stuff that vanishes with trend changes is not prudent. Embellishments and prints that are in today and gone tomorrow are not value for money. So, stick to your aim of style on a budget, and keep your wardrobe simple. Match base colors with different signature shades. Team up white, coral, navy, and black with cream, grey, taupe, brown, and beige. Of course, you can make variations with these color schemes and can create a signature style of your own! By simplifying your style, you stick to your budget and enhance your style.
Bonus Tips
Alter Clothing
Altering clothes is also a great idea to save money on style. Turn an old loose top into a skirt, a jeans into a capri, ora scarf into a shrug.
Get a slip dress
Some fabrics cling to your body or are see through, decreasing the chances of putting on. So, it is good to get them lined or buy a slip dress so that you can wear those dresses confidently.
In a nutshell, to be stylish on budget, invest in research, ingenuity, and time. These will save you from investing more on dresses. And remember to avoid malls at all costs, while hitting local markets where you can easily get inexpensive items without burning a hole in your pocket. If you are trying to create a style of your own, shop with ample time in hand. At the same time, it is important to remember that your true value doesn’t rely on your clothes as the person in you matters much more than the outfit.


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