Budget Tips to Travel in India

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India brims with zillions of attractions to explore. But those who visit India often find it difficult to cover such a vast range of places to visit. Although, going to India and visiting its innumerable attractions doesnโ€™t cost you break the bank but at times, it gets a little tough. But with this India travel guide you need not worry about traveling on a shoestring budget. With these budget tips to travel in India, you can make your holiday experience pleasant, without burning a hole in your pocket. These smart tips add to 10 easy ways to save money. So, get, set, go…

Cheap trip to India

1. Research Well

Enjoy Indian holidays with a well researched plan

The first and the foremost step for traveling through India is to research a lot. Invest time to find out about the place you are planning to visit. Know well about its ticket costs, accommodation, basic expenses, food options and the like. So plan, research, and decide.

2. Lookout for Deals

Enjoy travels in India with economic deals

For a great India vacation lookout for deals. A host of travel websites present fascinating and lucrative offers that ease your accommodation and ticket rates. In addition, you can also subscribe to their updates to stay informed of their latest deals. 

3. Stay in a Budget Hotel

Stay in a budget hotel as the best way to travel to India

During holidays outside of your hometown, you need a cozy place for overnight stay. To cut the accommodation costs, choose a budget hotel for your stay. Thankfully, India is dotted generously with economic lodging choices, facilitating you enjoy a pocket friendly trip to India. There are several homestays, rental apartments, and hostels as well that help you cut down your accommodation costs. Most especially, hostels are great choices for a solo travel India.  

4. Gobble Local Food

Enjoy India travel with local food

Everyone who travels in India looks forward to savor its authentic flavors. Luckily, the country is splashed with food joints where a vast culinary variety is served. To relish the best delights, head to inexpensive places like dhabas and road side restaurants. These places serve authentic local treats at reasonable rates. By refueling yourself at such places, you will be adding to the zest of your India travel.

5. Enjoy Free Sightseeing

Many places to visit in India are ticket free

There is no dearth of travel sites in India that can be visited without buying a ticket. Such attractions are great for those traveling on a shoestring budget. So, if you are looking forward to places to visit in India where you need not pay any fee to explore their charm, you would not be disappointed. Inquire in advance about the free attractions of the particular destination, you are planning to visit.

6. Travel in Off-Tourist Season

Choose off peak season for a solo travel India

Before heading off to a chosen destination, do check out its peak season. Avoid visiting a place in its peak season as rates shoot at a rocket speed during such season. To save costs, plan a visit in off peak season as this is the best way to travel India. In peak tourist season, prices of ticket, food, and accommodation rise high. Off-tourist season offers you everything at lower and affordable rates.


7. Use Public Transport

One of the important India travel tips is to use local transport

While enjoying Indian holidays, use local transport such as buses to commute within a city. In metropolises, travel through metros. Taxis and cabs can be expensive whereas buses and metros significantly cut your commuting expenses. Not only your expenses are lessened but also, you get to know the place better.

8. Shop Sensibly

The foremost India travel advice is to bargain while shopping

Trips in India tempt you to buy authentic souvenirs but refrain shopping for the same from major tourist hubs as they charge exorbitantly. Go to local bazaars for value for money shopping. Also, do bargain as it saves you a lot of money.
With this India travel advice, you can enjoy your trip to the maximum. Also, keep your eyes open to delight in the exhilarating experiences that are awaiting you. These India travel tips help you travel at a decent budget with precious memories that are in store. So, get ready for lovely surprises and experiences to treasure across India. How did these tips help you? Do let me know in the comments section.


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