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24 very short horror stories

24 Short Horror Stories that Make Superb Reads

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If you love thrilling reads, here is a treat for you as these 24 short horror stories that make superb reads.
Does the idea of thrill fascinate you? If yes, you will agree that horror movies take thrilling pleasure to an all-new level. No wonder, horror movies and web series are increasingly being created for this entertainment genre fans, like me. These places are eerie enough where a flick or web series can be shot. Also, these make perfect choices when a story wants to demonstrate ghostly power.

24 Short Horror Stories that Make Superb Reads

If you are a horror stories’ buff, be prepared to take a joy ride through some of these hand-picked spooky mansions, asylums, woods, roads, bridges, and residential areas. Some of these places are creepy, some are bone-chilling, and some are hauntingly beautiful.  What makes these places all the more special that some of them are actually haunted. To enhance your excitement, each of these places is followed by a fictitious story.
So, dim the lights and settle in for this uncanny trip; get, set, go…. 

1. Zombie Road, St. Louis, Missouri

short horror stories, If you love thrilling reads, here is a treat for you as these 24 short horror stories that make superb reads. 
I heard my wife calling my name from the isolated patch of the road while I was driving. I stopped and then sped up when I realized she died two years ago.

2. Kolmanskop, Namibia

Thirsty and hungry, he saw a house in the desert and immediately tried to move towards it, to find something to revive him. As he entered, he saw a man in tattered clothes and overgrown beard who has learnt to survive in this desert on…raw flesh and blood.

3. Lovecraftian Greyfriars Woods, Dunwich, Suffolk

Dry leaves were rustling when I was digging his grave, suddenly the fork slipped in. As I leaned down, a pair of decaying hands pulled me in.

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4. Sequoia Bayview Trail, Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland, CA

horror tales to give you spine-chilling experience

He never understood why kids cried, although he treats them with chocolates, candies, and toys in the woods.
He just half-slits them before the delicious treats.

5. Cane Hill Hospital, London

short horror stories that are better than most scary movies

She woke up to find herself on a dirty bed of the abandoned hospital, which she has covered for her TV channel yesterday.
Running through the endless corridors to escape, she wanted to scream in despair, when a hand with long, decaying nails covered her mouth and whispered “Let me out”.

6. D’Souza Chawl, Mumbai, India

I woke up to an old lady’s shrieks coming from the derelict building opposite my apartment. I ran out to help but then heard screams from my apartment.

I live alone.

7. Church of the Nine Ghosts, Lukova, Czech Republic

Short, Creepy Stories That Will Scare You

He entered the church and found parishioners praying silently. Mistakenly, he banged into one of them only to realize that these were plaster statues but before he could take a step, their plastered hoods started slipping like a fabric.

8.Underwater City, China

books with short horror stories

Me and my friend were scuba diving when we came across some fascinating structures.
As we went deeper to explore, our torches flickered and before the lights went off, we saw someone with water-aged skin and without any diving gear emerged with a blood-red, evil grin.

9. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India
collection of short horror stories India

On regaining senses, he found himself in a weird room. When he tried to run, something dragged him back from the stairs, just like he used to drag his victims before murdering them.

10. The Perron Family Home, aka The Conjuring house, Rhode Island

best short horror stories of all time

Traversing through a dark corridor, he entered a hall, dimly lit by moonlight.
Before he could heave a sigh of relief for having escaped from the police, he saw someone staring at him from behind the cabinet.

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Abandoned Victorian Hospital, North America

American horror story

To escape from robbers, I entered an unknown building, and when I came across blood-stained footprints, floor, and walls; I knew my end is near.
Scared to death, I was rushing for life, banging with the scattered stuff when a cold hand covered my mouth and pulled me into a dark room, and I heard painful screams of the robbers before losing senses.

12. Abandoned Doll Factory, Spain

creep spooky dolls horror stories
As she sat on the shelf, her lifeless eyes rolled, tiny mouth moved, and demanded, “Take me home.” This was my doll that I received as my birthday present from an anonymous guest.

My daughters cried as I burned their favorite dolls. They didn’t know I never placed those dolls in their beds.

13. Military Hospital, Germany

They pinned him to the bed and lowered the huge round apparatus on his body. Now, the machine will perfectly suck his blood and they’ll savor him for dinner tonight.

14. The Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

True short horror stories

The old jailer was inspecting the prison for renovation as it was being re-opened after 45 years.

As he was signing documents to take charge again, a trunk in a cell creaked open and a pair of evil eyes stared at him.

15. The Bell Witch Cave, Adams, Tennessee

how to write short horror stories
“You are an awesome cook”, he said while savoring the last meat chunk on his plate.
“I’ll cook your choice of meat tonight” she replied.
Then she took him to the cave where she has dumped bodies for food.

16.Villisca Axe Murder House, Iowa (a U.S. State)

true ghost stories

He tip-toed to the bed and pulled me close. I closed my eyes and smiled. He began caressing my hair with his ice-cold fingers when I was startled. Before I could react, my phone rang.

My boyfriend was on the other side and ‘he’ pulled me even closer….

17. Chateau Miranda, Celles, Belgium

short scary stories

They’re rushing up, spoiling her beautiful home with their bloody weapons. Knowing what will happen next, she held her little boy lovingly and gave that violent jerk to his neck.

Now she will be torn to pieces but her son is far from their brutality.

18. Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, England

haunted forests

Muffled cries of the gagged and tied girl were echoing the dark jungle when a snarl interrupted her cries. Her kidnappers were startled and the girl’s eyes widened when they saw snarling creatures crawling down a tree but the misty darkness didn’t let them see it clearly.

All were frozen with fear as “they” moved closer…

19. Eltz Castle, Germany

horror stories of world

He drove to this isolated resort as it provided premium facilities on a budget. Tired and starving, all he wanted was to order some food but little did he know that in his room waited for strange stuff and creepy crawlies that were also starving….for him.

20.Garnet, Montana, U.S

scary horror short stories

They have flooded the town and were devouring people. I realized that they are in and hid in a trunk, trying to control the heavy pounding of my heart and listening to the deafening silence.

Suddenly I heard the trunk I was hiding in, was slowly opening…

21. Forest Haven Asylum, North America

The ball hit the girl’s head again who was tied to a wheelchair and she cried, “P-Please, please leave me. Why are you doing this to me?”
“My daughter wants to play with you”, a middle-aged lady growled.
Then, she kissed her daughter next to her who was staring nowhere with her lifeless, shrunken eyes.

     22.Abandoned Higdon Hotel, East Tennessee

I was cradling my two-year-old, singing his favorite lullabies, stroking his ear as he always likes when he pointed his little finger to the ceiling.

As I looked up, she was clinging to the ceiling, staring at my son with her bloodshot eyes.

23.Haunted Bridge, Chandigarh, India

Most haunted places in India

I applied sudden brakes to my car when I saw a child playing on the road. To ensure if the child was fine, when I came out of my car, I saw him on the bridge giggling and waving at me.

24.Wisconsin’s Most Haunted House, Wisconsin

Real ghost stories for adults
      We have bought a beautiful house at cheap rates, which is quite big for just the two of us. But thudding at stairs, random piano tunes, and banging doors signal that we will have to pay a heavy price for this house.
So, enjoy these stories curled up in your bed or share them with your friends while enjoying a bonfire or camping. It will be more fun to narrate these short horror tales under the star-lit sky with leaves rustling around. What’s your idea of a scary story when you look at places like these?

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