10 Tips to Sleep Well

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Being an insomniac, I know how precious sleep is. And I have implemented a host of techniques to fall asleep for a refreshing snooze. Truly, a good doze of slumber is incredibly important. You feel good as well as your body and brain function well. But with our super busy schedules and high stress levels, we can’t enjoy this energizing doze overnight on daily basis. If you are like me and find it difficult to slip into the dream world, here are tried and tested tips to help sleep. So, here I bring the 10 best ways to fall asleep. Use these tonight to greet your refreshed self tomorrow morning.
Prepare a cozy room as techniques to fall asleep

Your bedroom is the stage where you doze off, so preparing it for a soothing sleep comes as a mandate and among the top 10 things to help you sleep. Play soft music, spray fragrance, use soft bedspreads, and create a calm environment. Make your room dark enough to make you fall asleep comfortably but don’t make it completely dark.  By doing so, you will be transforming your bedroom into a sleeping heaven. Such bedrooms are conducive to a peaceful sleep. Make sure that your mattress and pillow are comfortable. Also, lower the room temperature to an extent that you are comfortable with it. 


2)      Cultivate a Bedtime Bath Routine 

Cultivate a bedtime bath routine to sleep very well


Wash away the day’s fatigue with a refreshing bath to sleep very well. A relaxing bath before slipping in the bed addresses the problem. You can add essential oils such as lavender and rose that are calming and make your bedtime more soothing. Try herbal baths for more relaxation. If you go to bed with a clean and refreshed self, a good sleep follows. Bathing before sleeping is one of the beauty sleep tips.

3)      Watch Your Nourishment 


Watch what you eat for easy ways to fall asleep fast
Eat light at night but never sleep with an empty stomach. Make it a rule to eat before three hours before sleeping. As good sleep and wellness go hand in hand, consume foods that induce and enhance sleep such as warm milk, banana, oatmeal, tuna, whole wheat bread, and soy beans. Watch your diet not only at night but also during the day as it also affects your sleep. Don’t skip breakfast and gorge one a heavy but healthy one. Avoid junk and spicy foods, especially at night. And stay away from alcohol at all costs. It hinders your snooze. Consuming a healthy diet works wonders and is among the best sleep and weight loss tips.

4)      ‘4-7-8’ to Sleep

Breathing method for sleep is great to sleep very well
A simple ‘4-7-8’ breathing method for sleep works wonders. I practice this method to sleep and trust me, it works! Learn how to do it –
Close your mouth and inhale through your nose to a count of four (4)
Hold your breath for a count of seven (7)
Exhale again through your mouth to a count of eight (8)
Thus, 4-7-8.
Now inhale again and repeat the cycle three more times for a total of four breaths. This is one of the easiest and best things to do to help you sleep. Try it tonight and thank me in the morning. 🙂

5)      Combat Post–Dinner Drowsiness

Combat Post–Dinner Drowsiness as tips to sleep well



It is normal to feel drowsy after dinner. If you feel like curling up on your cozy bed post dinner, resist the temptation. Take up activities to help avoid somnolence. Listen to your favorite songs, prepare clothes for the next day, take a walk, or call a friend. Answering the sleepiness will only cause you to get up in the middle of the night and difficulty in sleeping again. So, resist sleeping after dinner and you will sleep well at night. Avoiding sleep after dinner is one of the prudent tips to sleep well. 

6)      Avoid Electronics during Bedtime

Avoid Electronics during Bedtime as methods to help you sleep
Do you use cell phone or laptop before sleeping? If yes, shun this habit now! While you look into the screens while in bed, radiation emitted increases the time necessary to reach deep sleep cycles, thereby decreases the total sleep time. And you wake up weary and wondering why I cannot sleep well. According to a study, people using backlit LED devices such as phones and laptops cause their melatonin (the sleep hormone) to be blocked by several hours. So, for a good night sleep, limit the use of laptops, phones, and television when you are going to sleep.

7)      Sip on Green or Herbal Tea

Sip on Green or Herbal Tea as sleep hygiene guidelines
 Tea has been a proven solution to address insomnia for more than two thousand years. Green tea and herbal tea both have sleep-inducing ingredients. Being caffeine-free, these teas help you relax, and sleep peacefully. Sip on teas infused with herbs to help sleep better. Drinking green, lavender, lemon balm, or chamomile teas an hour before bed is among the top tips to cure insomnia and bless you with a sound sleep pattern.  

8)      Workout Regularly

Workout regularly is among important tips to cure insomnia
Exercise is known to provide amazing health benefits and improve your sleep quality. Scientific evidences suggest that exercise is impetus in improving sleep. But the sleep quality is determined by the intensity and the time of the day of the workout. Whether morning, noon, or evening; researchers suggest to exercise a few hours before bedtime as an important one of the sleep tips and tricks. Never-ever workout just before the bed as increased heart rate and tired muscles keep you awake for long. With regular exercise, you will realize that you are not only feeling good in the daytime but also sleeping well at night. So, include workout in your everyday regimen for a restful sleep. 

9)      Gift Yourself an Hour before Sleep

Gift Yourself an Hour before Sleep as best ways to fall asleep
Unwind and give yourself time to sleep. While men prefer completing office tasks at this time, women are busy with kids and household chores. National Sleep Foundation poll established that an hour before bed, 21% women are busy with their office commitments, 36% surf internet, 37% dedicate time to kids, 37% dedicate time to kids, and 60% complete household chores. Among the easy ways to fall asleep fast is to give yourself an hour before sleeping.
Your brain requires some time to adjust between daytime activity and sleep. This period of an hour is a buffer zone for your brain to accept that its night, and time to sleep. 

10)      Follow a Regular Sleep Routine

Follow a Regular Sleep Routine as tips to help sleep
One of the superb methods to help you sleep is maintaining a regular schedule. Sleep and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends. Allow your body to get in sync with natural sleep-wake plan that makes you feel more refreshed than sleeping at different times. Hop on to your bed only when you are sleepy. According to Frisca L. Yan-Go, M.D., medical director of the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center, our brain is activated by sunlight. So, the body’s biological clock is synchronized by activating the brain at the same time every morning. Thus, religiously follow a regular sleep and wake up routine.

Bonus Tip
Place Your Bed as per Vastu

According to the ancient Indian practice, Vastu Shastra, your bed should be placed in the correct direction for a peaceful sleep and a harmonious life. Vastu Shastra for bedroom sleeping direction recommends to place the bed’s headboard in south or west. Your legs should point north or east. The bed should be placed at the rooms’ center and away from the corner.
Bed position according to Vastu also suggest that it should not face the bathroom. But if it is unavoidable, the bathroom door should always be kept close. Also, bed should not reflect in the mirror. If there is any, ensure to cover it when not in use.
You might be thinking, “I already knew many of these” but what you know is not important until and unless, you actually put these tips into practice. As the day rolls to its climax, start preparing yourself to get the best sleep. The above are the goof-proof tips to help you sleep better. Dedicate some time to light reading, a refreshing bath, a light and wholesome meal, meditation, and an activity that excludes a backlit screen. With these sleep hygiene guidelines, you will certainly sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed. Don’t leave this page just thinking about the approaches to sleep. Actually implement these. Tonight. Good night, sleep well J
If you found these tips and tricks useful, a comment will be appreciated.

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