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Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Couples at Home

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“…Darling don’t be afraid, I have loved you…”

– A Thousand Years, Christina Perry

You might have already told this to your sweetheart. Both of you are head over heels in love with each other. And here stands the Valentine’s Day, knocking at your door. You don’t have enough time to plan something special for your bae. Fret not. We have got you covered with some cool creative Valentine’s Day date ideas at home. Irrespective of the type of couple you are, these dates ideas will surely up your time of togetherness. With these convenient and low key date ideas, you can surely garner memories to treasure.

1. Game Together

Play games together, whether a simple snake and ladder, scrabble, 20 questions, monopoly, or simply games in your mobile phones. Card games or uno can also give you an exciting gaming night. This will bring you closer as you enjoy. These are not just games but ways to make your connection deeper and stronger.

2. Enjoy a Movie Night

How about curling up in bed with your sweetheart with some munchies and rom-coms? Sounds cool for a romantic date at home! And this is even better than watching a movie in the theatre. You can have some coffee in between (better than the bland yet bitter coffees of theatres), slurrp on noodles together, or pause and look into each other’s eyes and even kiss! And that too without worrying about the stares.

3. Play Smart with Dumb Charades

Jazz up your movie night with the game of dumb charades. Put on a rom-com or one of your other fave films, and act out a scene. While it can be something steamy, you can also just reenact your best “I’m Flying” scene from the evergreen – Titanic.

4. Create and Capture Moments

Capture the little moments between just the two of you. Grab a camera, get posing, and it’s done! You can simply create a collage of your pictures. Several websites help you transform your clicks into a work of art or a love photo book. You can also have your pictures used for a crystal showpiece or any other thing that you like. Alternatively, you can get the printouts and create a memory scrapbook together.

5. Chef It Up

As the old adage goes, “the route to heart, goes through stomach”. So, get to each other’s hearts un one shot with a cooking session together. You can pick a recipe that you both love or try a new one. Whatever you choose, this will be a lovely bonding session. Make it more fun by playing chef competitors and inviting family or friends to judge. No matter who wins, the fun of being playfully together will surely be the winner. So, put your chef’s caps on and get started.

6. Indulge in Spa Sessions

Grab some massage oils, fancy bath supplies, essential oils, face masks, comfy robes and slippers, and relaxing salts. Light up scented candles and deck up a space in your home like a spa zone. Jazz up with some flowers and cool little stones in your lawn. Play soothing music, put on a spa video, and start playing massage therapists. After giving good massage to each other, sip on a refreshing drink. What’s better than a relaxing and reviving day in the company of your beloved

7. Play Scavenger Hunt

If you are acquainted with indoor scavenger hunt rules, enjoying an at-home quest is guaranteed for maximum fun. By doing so, you will be enjoying an epic adventure together and that too within your home. Simply turn household items into clever hints and see the game being exciting. You can jazz up the game with some inside jokes, riddles, and trivia. So, play and rekindle the sparks in your relationship.

8. Blind Taste Test

Indulging in a competitive game play is a different experience when your competitor is your beloved. Discover who has better senses when blindfolded. You might find it funny but this is no less fun. Enjoy blindfolded games while having some lovey-dovey times. Savor the flavors of food items and your love with this game. Although, you can add testing smell, hearing, or touch but start with taste test. Feed him/her different food items and let the guessing begin.

However, you have to make sure of few things to keep the game enjoyable. Keep extremely spicy foods at bay, especially those to which your partner is allergic or has dietary restrictions. Avoid multiple flavor foods and stick to individual flavor foods.

9. The Sing-Along Challenge

This is a musical fun that both of you will love. Play this game using the last word of the song you have sung. Start singing a song and ask your sweetheart to sing a new song with the last word where the song ended. You can also share meaningful songs and convey your feelings for each other through relevant songs. Some os these songs are “Nothings gonna change my love for you”, “You say it best”, and “Thousand years” are among such songs.

10. Fitness Sessions

For a great bonding, go for a fitness session together. Simply put on an online workout video and get started. You can also try some acroyoga. It will be too funny. All in all, with some workout, there will be more happiness and your relationship will strengthen. By exercising, endorphins release that infuse happiness. As you encourage each other, positivity increases in your bond.

Hope you will have great time together. And you can crown yourself with the credit of these ideas. We’ll safely keep your secret. Now, get in the planning mode. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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