easy spring cleaning tips, how to deep clean your home
easy spring cleaning tips, how to deep clean your home

Top 6 Spring Home Cleaning Tips

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Winter has withdrawn its cloak. Chilly breeze has changed into cool breeze. More and more flowers are blooming and birds are chirping. The season is celebrating the arrival of spring. But your house is still going through winter blues. Give it a spring makeover with spring cleaning tips & tricks for 2021 and beyond. Though, spring cleaning seems daunting but trust me, it won’t be any more with ideas and tips for spring cleaning mentioned here.

By taking spring cleaning as more of a tradition that just a household chore, you can do it more religiously. Here are some top DIY spring cleaning tips with which you can clean your house fast. A deep spring clean-up ensures you are ready to keep your house sparkling clean and promote wellness. So, why wait? Get started with these spring cleaning tips here.

Best Ways to Spring Clean Your Home

top spring cleaning tips & tricks for 2021, spring cleaning checklist

Organize and Clear the Clutter

Decluttering is among the most challenging parts of spring cleaning of the house. As you have been celebrating the winters all these months and cozying beneath the woolens and blankets, clutter piled up with your long list of upcoming chores. As the first step of spring cleaning and decluttering tips, start with identifying problem areas. Find out why things are cluttered, think of solutions, and put your ideas into practice. This approach is among the best spring cleaning tips of all time. Sort your belongings into categories as things to be stored, kept at hand, donate, sell, or throw away.

Clean Room by Room

If you want to know how to deep clean your home, you have to cover each and every room as well as every nook and corner there. This is the way to comprehensive cleaning of your house. To do it systematically, start small and the best way is to clean room by room. For each room, get a checklist that includes things you need for cleaning. By doing so you will be able to clean in an organized manner. You will also come to know the parts that need extra attention. Concentrate on areas of your house that stayed largely unkempt throughout the winter.

Get the Household Involved

An entire family lives in a house, together. So when it comes to cleaning, it becomes the responsibility of everyone there. Allocating tasks to every member according to their age and capacity is among the easy spring cleaning tips that makes this household endeavor quick and convenient. Give a task to your young kids and see how excitedly they will do it. More hands mean more work done that eventually speeds up the cleaning process. You can also make this family cleaning time enjoyable with some music and work will be fun! You can also offer some incentive to youngsters once they complete a chore suitably.

Tackle the Seasonal Chores

While preparing to welcome the season, you have to take care of certain chores well in time, like in the case of sunny seasons. This is among the smart tips for successful spring cleaning. So get those done early and get free. Start with cleaning outdoors first so that you are done before the sun gets warmer. For instance, you can clean the patio, check the patio furniture (if any), clean the exterior part of windows etc. Put woolens, winter clothing, bedding etc. in the sun before storing those for the next winter. Pull out your spring clothes and check if they need to soak up some sun, washing, or you can easily throw your favorites on.

Always Work from Top to Bottom

Working from top to bottom comprises great spring cleaning hacks. While starting with cleaning, it is important to begin with the ceiling and descend through walls and then floor. By doing so, the dirt will be pushed down and you will save time from re-cleaning the spaces. Clear cobwebs and dust your ceiling fans first. Thereafter, start with dusting the furniture and other stuff. and lastly, clean the floor.

Cleaning Kitchen and Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen cleaning hacks

Kitchen is a place that is the most trafficked among all parts of the house. As all the meals are cooked here, it goes through a lot and thus demands the most regular cleaning. With spring cleaning tips ideas for the kitchen mentioned below, you can easily clean up your cooking zone in no time. These tips will help you degrease, freshen, and sanitize quickly and will keep your kitchen sparkling.

Grill: Heat up the grill and spray white vinegar on its grates. This will help loosen the residue. Now, cut an onion in halves and use one of it to scrub the area. Your grill will be cleaned off with the acid released from the onion.

Ceramic Stovetop: A wonderful way to clean burnt-food and residue from your ceramic stovetop is to use a wet dryer sheet on it.  These sheets are non-abrasive and thus, a safe approach to clean the delicate stovetop. Let it rest there for 15 minutes before wiping away the slime.

Microwave: Cut a lemon in halves, and heat its juice and rinds in water in the microwave. Set the timer to three minutes and allow it to stay in for a good five minutes. The lemon steam trapped within will loosen the grime. Thereafter, open the microwave and wipe clean with less elbow grease.

Toasters and Tea Kettles: Use cream of tartar to clean these appliances. Take a spoonful of cream of tartar and make a milky paste by adding enough water to it. Apply this paste on these appliances and wipe with a clean cloth to reveal shine.

Stainless Steel Sinks: Wet your sink with water, throw some baking soda in, and scrub using a sponge. What happens? A sparkling sink appears! To make a heavy-duty scrubbing power, sprinkle baking soda with salt.

Bathroom Cleaning

How to clean bathroom fast

Cleaning the bathroom is an important part of spring house cleaning.

Shower Head: White vinegar works wonders to beat buildup in shower head. Mineral deposits that clog shower heads with time are dissolved by vinegar. This results in better water flow. To get rid of mineral accumulated in your shower heads, pour some white vinegar into a plastic bag and fasten it over the showerhead. Leave it overnight and allow the vinegar to work. In the morning, remove the vinegar bag and run the shower before stepping in.

Get a Bathroom Fan: If you already have a bathroom fan, good. If not, get one installed. As fans are great for ventilating moisture from the bathroom that builds up in, getting a fan ensures your bathroom remains clean and dry. The fan also ventilates vapors and odors.

Faucets: Water stains are common to be found on faucets. Remove these with powerful spring cleaning tips and tricks from pro cleaners. One of these is to rub a lemon on the water stains. The citric acid in lemon removes stubborn water stains.

Pay Attention to Walls, Ceiling, and Windows

Clean walls and windows






People almost always clean their floors, but they typically forget about walls and windows. Not all dust settles on the floor and other surfaces. Just use a damp towel to wipe down walls and blinds (starting from the top). Remove and wipe down the window screens outside.

We usually tend to clean furniture and floor but sometimes walls and windows are ignored. Dust also settles on these surfaces and they need cleaning. The best part is cleaning windows and walls is among easy spring cleaning tips and tricks.

Walls and Ceiling: You can simply swipe the flower broom through the walls and their corners to wipe off the dirt settled there. Dust collects mulishly in hard to reach places, accompanied by cobwebs. To clean such places, wrap a cloth over the broom and wipe off, cobwebs and dust will stick to the cloth and your walls and ceiling will be thoroughly cleaned.
For blinds, wipe down with a damp towel, starting from the top. And then, wipe with a dry cloth.

Windows: Newspaper is the perfect cleaning tool for glass windows and mirrors. Add 2 teaspoons of liquid soap and ¼ cup of white vinegar in a spray bottle. Fill it with 2 cups of water and mix. Spray this mixture on your windows and mirrors, and wipe with newspaper for sparkling surfaces. Let your home shine with steak-free mirrors and window glasses.

Cleaning Floor and Its Accessories

How to spring clean floor

Floor: Although you are happy with the daily mopping, there are surfaces on floor that are hidden and thus might have some stubborn stains. And if you are rearranging your furniture to give a new look to your home, such stains will show up prominently. To get rid of these, prepare a soap mixture with water and add some stain remover to it. You can add white vinegar, lemon, or baking soda to this mixture; depending on the material of your floor.

Use old socks as cleaning tools for this purpose as these a gentle on the surface yet good enough to do some mild scrubbing. Rub the soap mixture on the floor under the furniture with clean socks tied over a wiper or broom. Leave it for some time and wipe the soap with clean socks soaked in clean water.

Place towels under the furniture while rearranging. It will prevent the floor from being scratched and leave any ugly marks.

Floor Accessories – Rugs and Carpets: Among the top cleaning tips and tricks for rugs and carpets, is use of a window squeegee, especially if you have pet. Squeegee’s rubber edge holds hair from the rug nicely and facilitates easy removal. Once hair is removed, run the vacuum cleaner through the rug/carpet for better cleaning.

Check Your Air

How to clean your home air









During winters, ducts of air-conditioner build up dust. Go for upgraded filters so that irritating, smaller, unwanted particles couldn’t enter your home. This enables you to breathe clean and healthy air.

If there are HVAC filters in your home, replace those with a standard filter that has a high MERV rating. To clean fireplaces, brush the insides and the floor with a broom. Follow this by spraying a mixture of vinegar and water inside it and on its floor. Let it sit there for few minutes. Give another spray shot. Then, scrub well with a brush. Ta da! A clean fireplace is here for a healthier you as you welcome spring.

With this spring cleaning checklist and approaches, you will have a clean and fresh home. Have you started with spring cleaning? Many also wonder about how to spring clean your house in a day. But this is not one day process. Deep spring cleaning your house takes patience and time. How are you doing it? Incorporate the ideas for spring cleaning mentioned above. Open your freshly cleaned windows to welcome the spring air and sunshine. Once you have made your home spick and span, it will shine with the warm sun outside. Which of these approaches are you planning to use for spring cleaning? Do you have any to add to these? Do let me know in the comments below.

Have a Healthy and Happy Spring!




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