Coronavirus: How to Stay Safe in the Pandemic?

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Coronavirus, also known asCOVID-19 virus and SARS-CoV-2,has caused a demanding pandemic outbreak and has brought the world to its knees. The mankind was running fast at its pace, when, somewhere in November 2019 this fateful virus made its way to humans in Wuhan, the Chinese business hub. After coming to light and unwelcome action, the novel virus has made many countries suffer irreparable loss.
So, it is imperative that everyone has complete clarity about this disease, which turns certain existing ailments into fatal ones. Today, the virus has emerged as a perilous threat to humans as it is a stranger to our immune system. Consequently, our bodies don’t know how to combat this unidentified enemy. Also, there is no readily available cure of coronavirus till date.It is high time; weunderstand this virus better and the approaches to prevent it in the first place.
COVID-19 Targets and Symptoms
Coronavirus early symptoms should be diagnosed and positive coronavirus cases should be given treatment.
This novel virus is a respiratory disease and attacks different people in different ways.  People with underlying medical conditions and those over 60 years of age are at a higher risk of developing this disease with severity. Symptoms of coronavirus are shown inthe infected people as the most common symptoms such as:
§Dry cough
§Shortness of breath
§Sore throat
§Diarrhea, nausea, or a runny nose
How can Individual Steps Control COVID-19?
With self-isolation during COVID 19, coronavirus positive cases can be cured and others will not be infected.
Effectsofcoronavirus are suspected on people who show its mild symptoms but are healthy otherwise. The signs include fever, dry cough, or difficult breathing. Don’t ignore even the most common and mild symptoms such as runny nose and headache. If you feel sick, the best step is not to step out. Go in self-isolation mode until you recover. Seek medical advice immediately as this might be a result of a respiratory infection or other serious condition.
Contact your medical provider for medical attention or even better a COVID-19 information line for coronavirus test at the earliest.  Inform them if you have recently traveled or have come into contact with travelers. By doing so, you will be helping the medical practitioners to act promptly and you can receive the correct treatment. Additionally, it will be instrumental in possible prevention of coronavirus and stop increase of potential coronavirus cases. 
How is COVID-19 Transmitted?
Coronavirus transmitted
Coronavirus has a high rate of transmission and is easily spread through close contact. This immensely contagious virus is also transmitted when a virus infected person coughs or sneezes and spreads the communicable droplets in the atmosphere.  
Even if people are not showing any symptoms of the COVID-19, they are carriers of the novel virus. Transmission of coronavirus is also possibleif virus-contaminated surfaces are touched. 
How to Maintain Prevention from Coronavirus?
COVID-19 prevention COVID-19 precautions
The best way to keep coronavirus at bay is to stay protected as much as possible as a sure shot treatment of coronavirus is not yet found. The virus stays dormant for a little time and shows its disastrous effects later, as with most viruses, the incubation period of coronavirus varies from person to person. So, to stay protected against it you have to follow few simple steps:
1.Wash your hands:
Frequently wash your hands using soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. Alternatively, sanitize your hands using a sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol.
After touching surfaces like ATM buttons, grocery carts, elevator buttons, and the like, immediately wash your hands with soap or use a sanitizer.
2.Maintain social distancing:
Stay away from groups of people and if being among them is necessary, maintain at least 1.5 meters distance from others. As being close sneezing and coughing people might be infected can spread the virus through liquid droplets from their nose or mouth. You might breathe in the contagious droplets.
3.Say “no” to sharing:
Refrain from sharing items of personal use such as utensils, lip balm, creams etc.  as one of the preventive measures against coronavirus disease.
4.Keep your hands off yourself:
Don’t touch your nose, mouth, and face as you might have touched a contaminated item and by touching yourself, you might transmit
coronavirus virus to your eyes, nose or mouth. From there, the virus enters your body and spreads to make you sick. 
Also, if an infected person has sneezed or coughed near you, you might let in the infectious droplets by touching yourself.
5.Follow respiratory hygiene
Respiratory hygiene is instrumental in warding off this dangerous ailment. Make sure that your mouth is covered at all times. Whenever you cough or sneeze, do so on your bent elbow or a tissue. Immediately dispose the tissue after using it.
6.Keep cleaning:
Clean high-touch surfaces of your home such as, staircase railings, doorknobs, even keyboards etc. with a sanitizer, bleach, or soap.
Even after following these steps of coronavirus precautions, youexperience respiratory issues and find consistent symptoms, consult a doctor without delay.

Stay Tuned with Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus latest update

To fight increase of the coronavirus pandemic, you need to be updated with its latest information. But here you have to be careful as there are many places that are publishing fake information about the same. For authentic and the most up to date information and developments, visit WHO website. You can also count on your national and local public health authorities for reliable news and updates in your area.

Practice what your healthcare authorities advise you to combat the coronavirus outbreak. These are the most trustworthy places to rely on and follow the practices to protect yourself and stay protected.

In a nutshell, coronavirus prevention is its cure. The key is to avoid this formidable foe. As scientists are toiling hard to understand this enemy with every passing day, more knowledge and better understanding will help beat the virus. Eventually, we will be able to let the novel coronavirus die on its own. With research and studies, we are hopeful to find sure shot treatment of coronavirus in times to come.For now, take good care of yourself, be careful of any signs, and help protect others by sticking to precautions. 


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