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The Sunshine Girl

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A bright sunny afternoon,
I walked to a park.
A lonely bench welcomed me,
There I sat with a heavy heart.

The clamor inside was awful;
Quaking every fiber of my being.
Any piece of thought couldn’t
Soothe the ache, deep within me.

Chirpings were overflowing
Around me; swishing to calm
The clamor of loneliness,
With their symphonic charm.

Dejected and depressed,
I was buried in gloomy-layers.
Suddenly, I felt a jolt of joy,
As fragrant as prayers.

Lifting up my head
I saw her; cloaked in dust,
And smiling from beneath,
The shade of her pretty curls.

Playful in her earnestness;
She stumbled in pursuit to run.
But got up every time,,
Without giving up till she was done.

Her little hands tapped me,
As an invitation to play.
Wrapped in my gloominess
I rejected her innocent pray.

Without losing hope,
She sat beside me,
Tweeting her melody,
To the uproar in me.

She finally cracked my chaos.
I realized, I can smile.
I turned to her to give one,
And sail to her joyful isle.

To join her and,
Greet her with cheer.
I initiated a hand-shake
As she asked, “how are you dear?”

I was awfully shocked
To see the joyous bundle.
I kept looking at her,
As she played, as she stumbled.

It was then, I realized;
The delightful girl had sad eyes.
She couldn’t see;
She was blind!

At once I hugged her.
To embrace her spirit;
Bless her eternal spark,
Touch, and feel her zing.

Though she was sightless,
Her eyes were bright.
Their sunshine doused my night,
And brought me back to light.

Releasing me, she went her way;
With her Midas touch on me.
Teaching me to live, love, laugh;
With the best gift – life and it’s spree.

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