How to Become Instagram Famous in 12 Steps

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To stay connected with loved ones, Instagram is an amazing platform where we can instantly share pictures and videos. But those who want to know how to make Instagram account popular, it is necessary to reach out to a bigger crowd. However, there is no formula in order to become famous on Instagram, there are certain best practices that help you to get popular on Instagram. You can learn some tips and techniques to gain more followers and eventually more likes. You need to focus on ways to get your photos noticed if you are wondering how to become famous Instagram personality.
Learn to use the app appropriately and click interesting pictures that people will enjoy and can’t help liking and commenting. So, here I bring you some easy to follow tips you need to take in order to quickly become Instagram famous and crack the code “how do people become Instagram famous”. Scroll down to know how to become Instagram famous in 12 easy steps and get your Instagram strategy mojo on.

1) Set an Appealing Profile Pic

Use a great profile pic as the first step towards how to become popular on Instagram

Another important step towards how to become popular on Instagram, you need to have an appealing profile picture that people start recognizing you even if they don’t know you. Remember that your face is the best calling card. Use soft light for your pictures. Get clicked with a pro camera, a good eye for photographs, and a steady hand. Smile as people remember people they like and to smile is the first step to be likeable and remembered. As your profile picture is small in Instagram, it is necessary to bring focus to your face as it will attract people to your profile and help them recognize you. 

2) Let Your Bio Do the Wonder

Create an interesting bio to get Insta famous

Make it a habit to change your bio every fortnight to get Insta famous. Post a bio that grabs attention in an instant and fascinates your potential followers, who would look forward to scroll and see your posts. Create an outstanding bio. Add emojis for a cool addition to create a lively bio. Let your potential followers know what your account is about. Spice up your bio with your personal hashtag (we will discuss about it later in this post). 

3) Create a Superb Instagram Profile 

Create a superb Instagram profile and know how to get Instagram famous

Your Instagram profile must look great as the first and foremost step towards how to get Instagram famous. A profile with low quality images or an empty profile won’t fetch followers. If you want to showcase your photography skills, it is necessary that the pictures you post are amazing. It is better to skip a post than to post a poor photo. Initially, post almost 15-20 best pictures that you have. Just make sure that these are high quality, eye-catching ones.

4) Add Captions to Your Pics

Add captions to your pics and know how to gain Instagram popularity

Although, Insta is all about pictures and videos, adding captions to your posts is an amazing way and an answer to how to gain Instagram popularity. With captions, you can add personality and fun element to your post. Captions make your posts look much more than just a picture with an army of hashtags. A boring selfie into an interesting post with a creative caption. Needless to state, the right caption is one of the best approaches to get ahead on Insta. 

5) Bring Out the Storyteller in You

You need not wonder how to be popular on Instagram, when you are a great storyteller. Although, a picture is worth a thousand words but skipping out on words is not a good idea as a stunning feed is all about superb content. Try to use storytelling alongside your Instagram photos to generate engagement, likes, comments, and shares. Make each post seem like you worked on it the entire day and you will find your Instagram voice.

6) Get the First 100 to 1,000 Followers

If you are wondering “how to make my Instagram account famous”, add all your family and friends to your account. This helps you gain audience who love you the way you are. Those first followers are important so you could actually work out your processes and start getting a rhythm of how you want to do things.

7) Get #instafamous By Developing Personalized Hashtag

Develop personalized hashtag and know how to become Instafamous overnight
There are plethora of brands that have created hashtags of their own, defining their individuality. As there is no shortcut to how to become Instafamous overnight, developing your own hashtag is a superb way to attract audience and engage people. You can create a hashtag using the name of your product, your account, or simply a creative combination of words related to your forte. This works wonders.

8) Use Various Hashtags

Use various hashtags and know how to become Instafamous fast

Although, there is no shortcut for how to become Instafamous fast, using relevant hashtags while changing them once in a while to reach different audience is a prudent approach. The maximum number of hashtags allowed by Instagram is 30. However, use more than 11 hashtags for more engagement as using too many hashtags makes your post look spammy. Just make sure, not to use too common hashtags such as #love #life #food etc. Try to incorporate hashtags having 100k to a few million post shares to help you have better reach.

9) Set an Attractive Theme

Set an attractive theme and know how to make your Instagram page famous

Setting an attractive theme is among the approaches of how to make your Instagram page famous. Use the right color schemes to get more engagement. Go for cool, earthy tones such as green, blue, and beige, and maintain your originality. Present the real you and create content to make people love your real self. Don’t rely always on filters as they can’t do the trick all the time but selection of a soothing color theme certainly would.

10) Stay Consistent With Posts

In the process of how to become a famous Instagrammer, post regularly but don’t spam. Plan the number of posts, you will go for in a day or weekly. Opt only for high quality pictures or videos with relevant content and you can easily add 2-3 posts every day as Instagram has an inclination to accounts that post quality content consistently. If you can’t post twice or thrice a day, post a few times weekly. Once Instagram starts liking your posts, you will be rewarded with better engagement 🙂

11) Try Geo Tagging

Try geo tagging to make Instagram account famous

A great way to increase your followers, build new relationships, and eventually to make Instagram account famous is geo tagging(“tagging” a geographical location to something like a status update, a photo, or something else). While traveling, create videos and stories, and post pictures. Interact with locals on Insta and geotag them. But make sure to use these tags with prudence and relevantly. The more relevant a geo tag is, the more clicks you will get. 

12) Engage with Your Audience

In order to become internet famous on Instagram, engage with your audience as one of the most significant steps. Reply to all the comments you get and take time to visit profile of your followers, and like and comment their posts as well. The idea is not only to have followers but also to build relationships with them. This makes your account and activities look genuine that not only focus on drawing traffic to your account but also reciprocate their activities on your account.

Bonus TipAvoid Mistakes

After following all the steps, if your Insta account us still not gaining desired popularity and you are trying to find ways about how to make my Instagram more popular, probably you are making a few mistakes. Don’t worry, I will help you overcome the same. Take the pointers –
§  Make your account public. If people can’t find you, they could not follow you 
§  Use relevant hashtags
§  Never post duplicate content
§  Don’t overlook to reply to the comments
§  Focus on quality, not on quantity
Instagram is an amazing and one of the hottest platforms of social media. It is all about delivering valuable posts with engaging content that is a goof-proof answer to how to get Instagram famous without buying followers. If your guess how do people get Instagram famous, remember everything new makes you struggle as getting more followers on Instagram. But once you get more than 500-600 followers, it will be fun. Although, there is no absolute number so that you know how many followers do you need to be Instagram famous, a thousand followers is a great number that accelerates your growth. Remember, celebrities have 5000, 10000, and more followers. Count yourself lucky if you get close to 1000 followers. Follow the tips covered above and you will do great on Instagram. 

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