utilize lockdown productively
Utilize Lockdown Period For Better Future

How to Utilize the Last Week of Lockdown

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Quarantine is about to be over now. And all of this period might have gone in work from home and the thought – “There is a lot of time. I will do this tomorrow or from next week.”  With this thought, the second week of May approached and lockdown will be released anytime in after a week. Do we feel like having wasted this time and not making the most of it? Don’t worry. Better be late than never. Here are some ideas to go productive and be happy once the lockdown releases. With these ideas, you can utilize the time in hand and step out of quarantine with contentment of not wasting it.

  1. Learn a New Language

    utilize lockdown productively
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Remember, you always wanted to learn a new language? You have even marked German, Spanish, French, and Italian on your bucket list. But couldn’t do it so far. The best time is now. YouTube is oozing with online tutorials for learners like you. Choose from the vast variety and master one of these languages. The tutorials also help you practice the languages. Many also offer free certification courses. Get enrolled and be a certified foreign language expert.

2. Arrange Your Wardrobe

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During our busy schedule, most of us neglect arranging our wardrobe. We usually keep clothes handy that we wear the most. Utilize this time to organize your wardrobe with all your clothes in such a way that every piece of clothing gets a chance to be flaunted. Additionally, we also have at least one dress that we never wear because either we don’t like it or it doesn’t fit as it initially did. So, declutter your wardrobe from such clothes. You can pass these to your friends or family, or donate these.

3. Organize Your Photos

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In the age of soft copies of photos, your photo albums might be suffocating in a drawer, somewhere in the house. Take time to visit memories through these pictures. You can create a collage to decorate your room, arrange with fairy lights on a wall, get those framed, or even get those scanned for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion. There might be pictures that have started to spoil. Search the ways to fix those or keep those aside to be treated once the lockdown gets over. You can also clean your phone’s overcrowded photo gallery by transferring those to your pen drive, hard disk, or Google drive.

4. Polish Your Cooking Skills

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A chocolate cake recipe is lying in your inbox. It’s time to learn to bake that chocolate cake or whip your mom’s favorite dish, just the way she likes. Put on apron and chef’s cap. Enter the kitchen and bake your favorite cake. Cook your mom’s much loved delicacy like a pro. Internet overflows with cookery classes. Join any of those and learn a wide variety of dishes. You can also try hands at cocktails, mocktails, ice creams, mousse, and healthy treats. After the lockdown, you can impress people with your new skills.

5. Repair Your Clothes and Accessories

Tips for Making the Most of the COVID-19 Lockdown
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You have a lot in your wardrobe that wants to be repaired. The hanging button from your dress is begging to be tucked back. That skirt helm needs to be stitched, that hole in your shirt wants to be sewed, and those zips of handbags require to be fixed. So, be ready with a needle and thread and infuse new life to these clothes. You won’t get anytime better than this to work on these every day essentials.

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6. Learn to Play an Instrument

how to use Quarantine period
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Take a break from the constant sound of the copper plate writing on your laptop. You are used to the typing rhythm but now surrender yourself to the instruments – the source of soothing music. Bring out your instruments and make those ready to play. Join an online instrument playing tutorial for beginners. Your home will be filled with symphony and you will be turning into an expert of an instrument. You never know, at the next party, you will be playing an instrument to steal the show!

7. Update Your CV and Professional Accounts

Things you can Do During Coronavirus Lockdown period, Things To Do To Make The Most Of Your Quarantine
Update Your Resume

You wanted to update your CV and add things to your professional account. But couldn’t do that because of hectic schedule. Now is the time to update your CV, write a fresh cover letter, and add details or recreate your professional accounts. Impart a good makeover to your documents, write reviews for your connections on professional platforms and seek reviews for your accounts. Make this time the best to take a step ahead for your career growth.

8. Try New Workout or Yoga

how to use Quarantine period, how to utilize Quarantine period, self-development in lockdown, develop skills in Quarantine period
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If you are a fitness freak and have been working out at home; try some new workout steps; just like pros do. Choose your favorite trainer and follow his/her videos. You can even start with yoga. You can flaunt your newly acquired fitness workout steps to your friends at gym when you resume with your every day schedule.

9. Give a Makeover to Your Garden

Productive Things To Do During Coronavirus Lockdown
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The lovely greens and blooms didn’t get much care during your daily routine. You have been watering and caring for these during this time. But now, transform your garden, give it a makeover. You can shape up the shrubs and hedges. Build a new rockery in the corner of your garden and plant your favorite flowers on it. Explore the chest of drawers at home, you might find tid-bits to hand over the hedges, plants, and tress. Bring out the outdated neglected furniture indoors and turn it into tasteful patio furniture. Seek inspiration online and your garden will be a place to relax and enjoy family time soon.

10. Revamp Your Furniture

COVID-19 Utilize the lockdown period
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The sharp edge at your bed’s corner has been ripping off your clothes and injuring you. It’s time to repair it. Fix that annoying chip in your side table. Paint your bookshelves to revamp its look. Polish that sofa set in your living room. Redecorate those stools. Paint that unwanted ladder and use it to hang decorative items. Take off the pile of books on your console table and jazz it up with a flower vase, a handmade decorative item, or that cute soft toy. The ideas are unlimited. Go DIY and infuse life to those tired furniture pieces.

This is not all. Identify your needs and priorities, and make the most of these days to suit the same. And above all, maintain a positive attitude. Stay motivated. Times are difficult but remember, “This too shall pass.” We have to stay strong and cautious for ourselves as well as each other. Don’t forget to pray for each other. Such times define us and shape up as better human beings. Don’t let the sad and scary news of COVID-19 take you over. Keep learning, acquire new skills, pursue your interests, and expand your horizons.



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