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Virtual Travel: A Solution for Wanderlust

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Have you ever wondered about exploring the world without burning a hole in your pocket? If you have, here is a good news for you. With the onset of virtual travel, you can go around the planet at your ease. This approach to travel has introduced a huge alternative among those bitten by the wanderlust bug. In simple terms, virtual travel specializes in virtual reality (VR) video solutions. A majority of us don’t get the opportunity to travel as per our wishes. Here virtual tours come up to bring a contending experience, anywhere you want.

In recent times, the pandemic outbreak has largely impacted travel plans and is changing travel approach. But with virtual travel experiences, you have a welcoming getaway to your favorite destinations. Isn’t it great? Let’s see how virtual tours provide solutions for your travel cravings.

Virtual Trips: More than a Gimmick

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Experiences imparted by virtual traveling are witnessing an upsurge and gaining fame. App downloads of virtual reality travel companies have risen up to 60% in the month of December 2019 and have doubled in January 2020. This data is proven by Ascape, the famous VR travel company. 360-degree virtual reality videos are usually experienced through a headset or an app. You can enjoy sights and sounds as if you are physically present at that particular place. More immersive features of virtual reality are in the pipeline to impart an even more engrossing experience.

There are more reasons that VR offers to pamper the traveler in you. Scroll down to know more.

Satiate Your Explorer Instinct

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With virtual tour you can enjoy a convincing sensory experience that transports you to a lovely landmark, a foreign land, a museum, or even amidst an ocean on a ship! Your brain is tricked to believe that you are at that particular place by virtual reality. Eyes send message to the brain about what is seen is real. And when the illusion goes well, you delight in a resounding travel experience. As you are the only that has the experience, you can control what you hear and see. You can even choose some other destination or attraction to see if you want.

There are virtual reality companies that are working to recreate parts of those countries, where tourists are not allowed.

No Fitness Certificate Required

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While traveling to certain places, fitness proof is required by many airlines. At times, people need to provide it with their documents while traveling abroad. Especially in case of elders or senior citizens. But with virtual tourism, you are relieved from such fulfilling such formalities. Even people having issues like certain forms of anxiety, stress, and phobias can indulge in a delightful vacation. With virtual reality travel, you need not worry about any physical or psychological fitness. Simply put on your gear and go far away to explore the lands you want.

Visit Vulnerable Wonders

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Virtual trips have opened new avenues to explore sites all across the planets that are vulnerable for tours. For instance, Southern France is home to some earliest cave paintings of the world that are closed for public visits on account of having excessively delicate works inside. So, a replica in proximity can be viewed that has copies of paintings. It indicates the potential of virtual reality tour experiences. In the same fashion, virtual reality can be applied. As per Hollister from Global Data, VR can play a unique role in recreating various attractions.

Explore Fictitious Places

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The notion to visit designed world through gaming is improved by virtual reality. We already see some animated 3D worlds for video games. Some of such games have begun to drip into the VR world. So, you can visit lands fabricated especially for games, distant planets, sci-fi movies’ locales, lost locations in the world, other world, and even more that is beyond imagination. Although, you travel to imaginary lands, the experience is truly fascinating.

Interesting Places for Virtual Travel

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Some of the virtual travel experiences that you can enjoy across the continents from the comfort of your couch are:

  • Northern lights, Norway
  • Natural wonders of Chile
  • World Heritage Sites
  • Ancient Egyptian tombs
  • Amilla Fushi Resort, Maldives
  • World’s best beaches
  • Aaaand – Most celebrated art museum of the world
  • World’s most mysterious caverns
  • Tel Aviv and Jerusalem’s Old City
  • Ski slopes of Canada
  • Niagara Falls

A majority of populace all over the world has to stay at home and has restrictions to move around. Travel in this situation is beyond imagination. To appease their travel yearning, a number of explorers are moving to virtual travel through VR. This enables them visit Machu Picchu, Galápagos Islands, and wherever they wish to. It is further easing carbon footprints by travel and tourism. No wonder, keen tourists can ‘experience’ a visit to far away destinations without any harmful impact on environment.

Today, I will be visiting Ancient Egyptian tombs. Are your coming along? What’s your choice of virtual travel place?



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